When your job is only a means to the end :-(

Hi everyone,

I‘ve read now a lot of posts in this forum, and I really liked what I‘ve read. A lot of people gathering and working together to their goals.

My Name is Thomas and I‘m currently 23 years old, a year ago I still worked at UBS as DBA. I‘ve made my apprenticeship there, and worked afterwards for almost 3 years there. Until I noticed, it‘s not my passion anymore. I did not want to stay in IT anymore. The entry Salery was decent I got around 72k gross per year. Up till this moment the I was able to save more than 140‘000 CHF.

Fortunatly I was in my early ages really interested in business ideas and trying things out, so I started at 17 my reselling business (Trading Card Games and Retrogames), after more than 6 years its a webshop which is steadily growing. In parallel I startet a german personal finance blog in 2016 which at the moment generates most of my income. Both projects are my passion and I love doing them. The blog is currently the biggest german personal finance blog in switzerland (same goes for the personal finacne youtube channel). For anyone interested and is able to read german: https://sparkojote.ch - On the 6. August 2018 I decided to quit my job to follow my passions, the last working day was 31. Oct 2018.

I do invest mainly in stocks and my business. The Webshop generates at the moment between 5-7k Revenue per month depending on the month, buts its growing steadily. The blog/Youtube-channel on the other hand, generate currently over 30k gross revenue per month, currently most of it is profit, but this will change in the future as I founded a GmbH and have other plans. Currently I‘m in the progress of trying to hire my first employee.

The current Networth, almost 1 year after changing my whole career path, is around 210k. I do not plan to ever retire, but obviously I‘d like to have a good passive income, that‘s why I invest into stocks.

Keep it up, and reach for your dreams :slight_smile:

Peace out.


Hi @Sparkojote,

If you don’t mind, could you share more details on how the blog and YouTube channel generate 30k gross / month?
When checking it out quickly I didn’t see many ads on the blog, and YouTube clearly doesn’t pay that much even for several thousand views per video.

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Hi Thomas,

thanks for sharing your story! Really interesting to see how much you already accumulated with 23 years.
I guess most people here wish to have started at such an early age!

Additional to the questions @_name asked, I’d be interested in your process to hire your first employee. I’m also a business owner, but until now I didn’t hire anyone. Way too many open questions for me on this topic.

BR FIREstarter

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WOW. I find it so impressive that at the age of 23 you’ve already worked for 3 years at UBS (and had the lehre), have opened a web shop, an FI blog and a YouTube channel. And your income and savings are also incredible, at that age. When I see all this I feel two things: stupid and lazy :joy: :laughing:. I only started to seriously invest at the age of 30.

What also blows my mind is that your portfolio is actively managed by you and that you’re so open about your finances, you even revealed your name and face. I guess it helps with the business, but did you ever hesitate? I always hesitate to post any personal details, because I think there could be some home-grown hacker reading, who could decide to target me. Or, I don’t know, some Balkan mafia which would knock on my door. :flushed:


Still living at your parents place?

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Well done @Sparkojote! I have watched some of your youtube videos, very nice.

Good luck with the expansion of your business!

For me, yes, my job is only a means to an end. I stick to it as I am risk averse. Results: lower take in then if I would try my own business (which I may someday)…

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Hi Sparkojote, I suppose the 30k/month comes from the affiliate links, isn’t it? Impressive. I think you already explained how some of the affiliate works, anyway impressive.

Is it true that Swatch gives a watch to their shareholders? Even with just 1? It might make sense to buy 1 quote of it then. :slight_smile: I wonder if I should do that.

How are your expenses professionally speaking? With those numbers your savings should grow fast…

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Thanks for your post.
I would be interested to know how the blog generates so much money. It is still mostly based on Zak referral as in this report.

Are you speaking about this webshop? https://shop.amazingtoys.ch/de/

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I‘ve income reports, unfortunatly all in german. Short story:

Most of the money is affiliate, Provisions and cooperations. For example I work with Swissquote, Bank Cler, BX Swiss and other companies.

I‘m still wokring on that, I‘ll plan on hiring someone in summer 2019. I‘ll keep you updated, I‘m still doing research, as for me its leanring by doing. I‘ll certainly make mistakes.

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No I moved out in Feb 2017. Living with my girlfriend since than.

There are some risk yes, but I do see more upside. And I‘ve done youtube since I‘m 12, obviously other topics than finance.

But you‘ve some valid reasons, now worries, everyone is different. I addition I‘ve got no kids etc yet.

Wish you all the best, maybe try it on the side. I did start my resellign business at 17. Back then at 13/14 I started many diferent things, which I do not do any more. For example I bough some World of Warcraft Bots (Software) and bought multiple accounts to bot and farm gold, this gold I sold to chinese resellers for some decent pocket money.

Yes you‘re correct mainly affiliate, provisions and cooperations with companies.

Yes I‘ve called investors relation, you‘ll get a watch as shareholder gift if you have a stock, you should buy the „Namensaktie“ and writ your name in, you should get it then through mail every year if they still have it as a gift. I try it now for the first time in 2020, I‘m really curious on how those things work :slight_smile:

Currently the expenses are pretty low, I‘ve got some freelancer and som minor cost. Currently ist between 2-3k at max. But this will grow fast, since I want to reinvest a lot.

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Yes this was report for july, but august and september is on a whole different level. The income grows crazy at the moment. I was not able yet to do the august video, since I‘m sick since a week. The last two month were each over 30k gross revenue. If I would gauge the profit before taxes for all my income also webshop (yes this is the correct webshop), I‘ve basicly had in this 2 month alone profit of more than 28k. But I do expect some spendings/investments till the end of the year to lower my taxes. Fro example I‘m starting to outsource more to freelancers.

SWATCH GROUP N (UHRN) 50CHF more or less. They cost less than a Swatch :slight_smile:
I’m on IB so it will be cheap to buy but I will have to bay the Swiss stamp anyway. I wonder if it has a minimum yearly cost…


Well, I also have no kids, no house, no valuable possessions. So my nest egg consists of my bank account & broker account. So all the years of hard work go into these seemingly virtual assets. So if anybody stole it, it would be back to square one.

On the other hand, there so many rich celebrities: businessmen, sportsmen etc. You don’t hear much about them getting targeted, so either their accounts are protected with an extra layer of security, or it’s not as trivial to commit fraud as it seems.

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I don’t think this is true, or at least they don’t charge anything beyond the commissions. I don’t see any stamp duty on my statement (and I’ve had one or two domestic trades). Unless they’re hiding stamp duty in the comission, but commission for SIX at IB is 0.1% which is lower than stamp duty on non-Swiss stocks which can still be traded on SIX.

Using tiered I actually paid 0.12% commission, but my trades were small and therefore I still saved money vs the 10 CHF minimum for fixed.


Tax stamp duty only apply to Swiss brokers.


You need to be in the Aktionärsliste. Just buying the stock isn’t enough.