What's your (investment) strategy for 2024?

soo… time for a 2024 topic? :slight_smile:

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10k in “cash” (emergency fund)
80% in global ETFs (most) and some individual shares I’m still holding (19% of the depot value at the moment). Debating to sell part of (possibly) or all of (probably not) those individual shares.
20% in cash (CHF), should move those somewhere that pays some interest.
(Same since 2019/20)

Might invest in property or buy a possible future home some time.


After writing Covered Calls for 2 years with the help of Covered Calls Advisor and not nearly performing as well as him / the market, I ll move my portfolio gradually towards 1/3 VT 1/3 VOO 1/3 QQQM over the next year while continueing to write some CCs from time to time.


2024 should be simple:

  1. Stay in cash and pile up as much of it as possible to finance renovations on the house I’ve bought in late 2023.

  2. Keep a 10k liquidity fund for eventual “emergencies” due to proprietorship. I’ll reassess whether that amount is sufficient as time passes and adjust it accordingly if needed.

  3. Invest any eventual surplus in a broadly diversified, low TER, index fund. I’m not very convinced by the current market weightings (I would want less US) but straying from it looks too costly at the time (or too complex, I do want only one ETF). That ETF can be 100% equities or contain a mix of stocks and bonds.


Same as before, although I am a bit reconsidering how much I allocate to emerging markets stocks because of geopolitical risks. If it were not for the risk of losing investments because of sanctions, I would otherwise keep it all the same. Keeping my cash constant (emergency fund).

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Closing 2023 with more cash than usual, 15% instead of 2-3%.
Continue accumulation, no ETF sold, no rebalance, no bonds, no investment RE, no FOMO assets.

50% of all new savings go into bi-weekly monthly buys into VTI and VXUS, 70/30 for 2024. Size of inevitable correction will determine change, might split VTI allocation to VTI+QQQM if dip is 20%. Expecting ~10% correction by March-May. Macro wise, expect China to do far better than predicted, look into China ETFs. TW elections in January a major factor.
Other 50% savings and sold RSUs into cash pile to look for opportunities and dips.

Individual picks - keep riding INTC into 2025-26, add if dip below 40. See how Q1 moves my other large single stock to unwind, hold or even execute purchased Q1 leaps to add. In a correction might add 1-3 small divident positions, find most good ones just too expensive and will correct.
All dividend payments into 2nd pillar to offset tax.

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Continue investing pre-determined amount of cash in VT every month.


Dinner For One Same Procedure As Every Year GIF - Dinner For One Same Procedure As Every Year Eating GIFs


I will continue to invest regularly in ETFs (VT-like coverage) while starting to implememnt from 2024 a splitting the world approach between my pillar 3a and 3b assets

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2024 is the year of major expenses for me. Cash/bonds will be drawn down. I hope the bull market lasts until 2025 when I can start accumulating again!

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For 2024, I’m going to do the same as for 2023, i.e. invest monthly as follows:

  • VT
  • 3a
  • Crypto (BTC, ETH, SOL)

I might try to put some money into QQQM.


For 2024, I plan to proceed as follows:

  • Increase my security account to 10K (currently just under 5K).
  • Contribute the maximum to my 3a plan.
  • Create a reserve fund of about 5K for our honeymoon next year.
  • Invest the remaining amount, mainly VT.

I am somewhat pessimistic about cryptocurrencies in 2024. In this regard, I will take the risk of not investing in them.


@Yanikuza I’m thinking of doing the same, i.e. splitting my investments between VT and QQQM. Have you already thought about what your allocation might look like? I’m trending towards something like ~85-90% VT, 10-15% QQQM.

Sounds a bit like trend-following, investing into what’s recently performed very well (or rather the best).
Isn’t the “proper” expectation then that it likely won’t, going forward?
I understand if it’s mentioned as an anticipation, in case of a downturn or such, but not with current (over)valuations.


That’s why I mentioned that I was thinking of giving it a try.

I invested in this ETF in November 2021 when the NASDAQ was at an all-time high. I then sold it to focus solely on VT, taking a small loss which was covered by VT’s dividends. This week I see that QQQM has returned to its November 2021 high.

Lesson learned: give it time, if the index contains solid, world-leading companies, there is a chance that the fund will recoup the losses incurred. This is one of the reasons why I want to put some chips back in. I strongly doubt that the companies that comprise the Nasdaq will not continue to be leaders over the next years.

I might be wrong who knows?

In terms of weighting, I don’t think I would go above 10% if I had to invest again.

I’m also waiting about Finpension solution, maybe their new product will be truly interesting?

2023 was better than expected.

Started with CHF 836,200 in equities and ended with 971,300. This increase was due to new investments (56,700) and capital gains (78,400).

Let’s check first if I followed my strategy for 2023:

No selling, just buying!

Basically yes, just got rid of CSX5 (to simplify the portfolio) and VT (fear of US tax authorities), but put all back in VHVE and Swiss ETF’s.

Deplete the available cash stack of CHF 32,000 according to my secret formula :slight_smile:

Yes, I have no more investable cash right now.

Buying only CHSPI and VT, so that the 20:80 allocation remains intact (hopefully being able to resist the ever present temptation to pick some “better” ETFs)

No, sold VT (see above) and bought VHVE, CHSPI and SMMCHA. Also increased the home bias to 25%.

Stop buying if ETF portfolio has reached 45% of Net Worth (probably not going to happen in 2023…)

Despite the growth of my ETF portfolio, it went only from 39.9% to 42.8% of Net worth.

Strategy for 2024

  • No selling, just buying!
  • Invest 75% of free cash flow in ETFs at the beginning of each quarter, save up the remaining 25% to increase liquidity.
  • Keep my two Swiss ETFs at around 25% of equity portfolio (2/3 CHSPI and 1/3 SMMCHA). The other 75% are mainly VHVE and (a bit of) VDEM
  • Continue to trade options (doing the “wheel”) with a CHF 40,000 deposit.

Warren apparently got there too: “In order to succeed, you must first survive.”

Here’s to your survival, then thriving! :beers:


Would you share on which underlying stock/ETF you are trading options ?

I’ll do a separate post after 365 days of options trading. That’ll be in February 2024. Stay tuned :grinning:

Intuitively makes sense, but I came across this just a few weeks ago. "Here are all of the [S&P 500] 20% up years along with the following year returns:

Not too bad. More green than red for sure."

If you’re interested in more details on this, check out What Happens After a 20% Up Year in the Stock Market? - A Wealth of Common Sense (highly recommended blogger, btw).

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