What's your FIRE number?

What’s your target FI/RE number by which you plan to stop working, or at least not actively pursue employment anymore? Are you’re planning to retire in Switzerland or abroad?

For me the goal is 1m CHF. Then I could safely withdraw 3’000 per month. How about you?

For retirement I would look for a country with low taxes but high standard of life. A country with stable laws and demographics. Not burdened by high debt. Not ruled by populists and socialists who want to take away your freedom to give you more security. So far Switzerland scores high, but we will see how things develop. Any other suggestions that fit the bill?


For me it is 1.3 - 1.6 Million CHF. Then I would feel a lot safer and could already Lean-Fire.

My Full-FIRE number is about 2.6 Million CHF.
However, it is more about the emotion and the possibility of FIRE.
I love my actual job. So even with a windfall I wouldnt change something in my life for the next 3-5 years. Maybe in later life working part-time or making a sabbatical.


So much that I could have 40k CHF per year. With the 4% rule that would mean ~1Mio… But how much do taxes increase that?

Based on my current situation (single, no kids), my goal would be about CHF 1 Mio. But it is kind of unrealistic, given the fact that I wish to have kids someday :slight_smile: Hard to forecast to which extent having kidos will impact my goal.

For me the goal is 1m CHF. Then I could safely withdraw 3’000 per month. How about you?

Sorry got rate limited yesterday to post my reply

Currently targetting 1.5M to retire either in Netherlands or maybe Belgium for tax reasons (no capital gains especially). Higher CoL than Eastern Europe, but my family’s there. Hope to reach it in 5-7 years if everything’s going well.

Don’t think I’ll be able to ever retire in Switzerland, it’s a beatiful country but 1.5M won’t even buy a house here unless i choose live in the middle of nowhere

2 people, 3% WR, 1M€ total, which means 30’000€/year.
From this I still need to check taxes to see if it works.

2 people, 2.5% interest = 4M CHF => 100k/year - Taxes
Retire in CH

Yes, that is very close to own my calculation as well. (I even use 2.0% SWR for my own calculation)

Let’s face it: that is a lot of money – so luck/speculation/inheritance/etc are needed to get there. A regular job (<150k) is quite unlikely to do that for you.



Full Jacob.

You talking about 4M figure? He said 2 people. DINK couple can easily reach 4M together in their lifetime even on 150k

Fair enough – however most couples would have kids and thus most often only one breadwinner

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I would love to hear how you are thinking here :smiley:

Since when a “regular job” is <150k ?
I know that 0 is < 150k, but I’d expect that most regular jobs are <120k

Or am I in a “IT expats forum” now?

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The median salary is around 80k so I would even say that half of regular jobs are below this, unless you mean 150k for 2 people.

I’m talking about what IdleThought used as a value for a “regular job”.

He said something like “it’s impossible to save up so much money, because most people earn less than 150k”.

To which you come and argue “what?! most people earn less than 120k!”. I don’t know what your goal is here…

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I was just saying. I see those amounts and I wonder what is the standard people build upon.

But if you want to dig deep on the psicologial nuances of the modern languages…
He could have said
While technically all three are correct, they imply something else.

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<150k includes more people than <120k, and with 150k it’s still hard to save 2M. I feel like you just got triggered coz you read this comment like “<150k is not a good salary”, but that’s not what he said…

Exactly – less than 150k includes many folks that earn 80k,60k etc :slight_smile:

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