What platform do you use to buy Bitcoin?

Hi everyone,

As a Swiss citizen, which platform do you recommend to use to buy/sell BTC/ETH, etc. products?

  • I am looking for with the least possible costs
  • Secure
  • To be able to withdraw cash from a bank account (in euros on N26)

Thanks in advance

No experience til now but will try SwissBorg.

I think there are many topics about this on the forum already. Maybe this threat will help: Buying BTC using CHF
My recommendation as in other posts is to use Kraken and store your cryptocurrencies once bought somewhere safe outside of the exchange. For example on a hardware wallet like this one: Nano Ledger
Remember that having cryptocurrencies gives you the ability to really be in charge over your funds.


Same as @Stach - Kraken plus Nano Ledger.

Also worth checking Security tips on holding a large crypto position where some folks have given some great insight on the security - actually that convinced me to get the Nano Ledger

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@ Stach & @ Swisslife

Thanks for your answer.

You both use this Nano Ledger? In case of failure how to do? You have a backup elsewhere?

What if this device will still work in 10 years?


I’m also wondering about that.There usually is a keyphrase that you can write down, and use it to regenerate your same private keys on a new device if it breaks… But what if it breaks in 20 years and you can’t buy that exact type of hardware wallet anymore?

Both is probably tricky. You have the backup codes somewhere on a paper in case your ledger might be broken. And I don’t know for sure if it will work in 10 years to be honest.

If you trade, all possibilities for trading Crypto (Swissborg, Swissquote as a bank and others) are pretty expensive in comparison to a Crypto trading exchange like Kraken. With Swissquote the price is 0,5-1% per buy/sell depending on the volume. With Kraken as a comparison it is 0,1-0,26%.

Depending what you are doing, I am fine with holding Cryptos on Swissquote (and also sometimes trading) and paying the extra price for subjectiv more security and a better feeling.

I agree on Kraken but would advise to use a Trezor rather than a Ledger. The company producing the latter has not been very thorough with keeping safe the personal data of their customers.

Thanks for all answers

Are the fees between CoinBase and SwissQuote the same? Do you prefer CoinBase?


So when i try to buy KEYS:

on IB i get the following error message:

Does anyone know why? IB did not answer me til now.

Thanks for your help!

So an update:

I did not get an answer from IB yet (not able to buy KEYS)

Swissborg: possible to buy crypto in chf, but their bank account is GB based, so a foreign cash transfer is need (costs 20.- with PF)

Craken: possible to buy crypto in chf and their account is based in Liechtenstein = similar to Switzerland = inland transfer without fees (just tested it)

I will buy some crypto (btc and eth) on kraken with my fun fund money. Hope we will see later more crypto baskets etf.

You might need additional trading permissions (complex exchange traded products).

Ok thanks. Let’s see what IB answers me.

Coinbase Pro is pretty good too.
I wouldn’t recommend Kraken.

And could you say why not?

I lost an account there and the support team wasn’t reachable.

Im using swissborg since their ICO. im totally happy with it. Im invested since the ICO. so now i got upgraded for premium for a lower rate. And the best thing is you support a swiss company --> https://join.swissborg.com/r/julianAF6J

Do you mean that you could not access your accout any more and the support did not reply ? I must say I am surprised, Kraken support is usually responsive and even proactive, e.g. on Reddit.

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As @Dago mentioned please describe “lost”…

For Swissborg, they are updating their FIAT gateway today 17 Dec.
You can now buy crypto in CHF with a local payment, that means no longer a foreign cash transfer with extra cost.

The good thing is also that you have access to 4 exchanges (Binance, Kraken, LMAX and HitBTC) with only one KYC and you always have the best price on the 4 mentioned exchanges. They have also release their Smart Yield feature providing up to 20% interest per year on USDC for now. They planned to do Smart Yield on BTC, ETH and DAI as well in the future.

If one of you is interested to try Swissborg, you can install the app through my link and you and me will receive a lottery ticket worth up to 100€ of BTC :

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