What happened to the TSLA thread?

Anyone know what happened to the TSLA thread?

Pretty sure it was called something like “Should I buy TSLA?” or (very) similar. Yet I can’t find it through the forum search.

I remember a few post snippets and I’m pretty sure it’s not my memory failing me in search terms. And we still have the threads about ARK and BTC talking about investing in single securities. Of which particularly the Bitcoin one arguably could get (way) more controversial at times, so can’t be related to moderation. I honestly didn’t remember anything that would have given moderation reason to delete it (again, particularly considering the Bitcoin one still stands).

What gives?

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It’s been locked and doesn’t appear in the list of topics anymore. You can find it through a Google search: Should I buy TSLA shares?

May @Bojack feel free to remove that link if you think it should be left in the abyss.

One user revived that thread, without any input of their own, but simply because the price was down, and as I suspected just to spread some FUD. So I locked it. @San_Francisco that you go to such lengths to create another thread to ask where the other thread has gone, tells me all I need to know about your intentions.

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I wonder if BYD will dominate the EV market now.

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So? Same thing as happened the Bitcoin thread. Multiple times. Simply because the price was up. Heck, seems it even was the same user doing it. Without the thread getting locked, let alone unlisted (hidden), so for for practical purposes as good as deleted.


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It wasn’t me :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

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Instead of creating a new thread to ask the community your question, you’re starting some witch hunt. I created that topic and my questions have been long answered, and the topic was dead for a long time, so I closed it. I bet you were searching for the thread to continue the TSLAQ circlejerk.

Bojack, even as probably the biggest tsla investor on the forum and even with the stock far from its all-time high, and even as a moderator, please stay neutral and do not decide what we can or cannot discuss. Shares go up and down and so do emotions. If you cannot tolerate a thread about TSLA then your position is probably too big. My 2 cents


You’re free to discuss it, I just didn’t want my old thread to keep getting bumped up. Just make a new thread and go at it.

So first it was about a moderator‘s mere suspicion of FUD that might possibly be spread.

Now it’s about a user’s question „having been answered“?

Threads don’t get closed merely for being answered here. Because, correct me if I’m wrong, I fail to see how a user would even be able to close his own thread for being answered (let alone hide it - you not only closed it, you hid it. ). I certainly can’t see a way of closing this one.

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Don’t you have more important things in life than some petty arguments? Such a waste of time. You know, if a user feels like they’re not happy with their forum contributions, they may request to have all their posts deleted, and a few have done so in the past. Then it’s not only hidden, it’s gone. My point about the witch hunt stands. I closed and delisted an old thread and you’re making a scene out of it. Get a life…

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Gonna take a break. I will reply later once I‘m free from work (and also calmed down). :slight_smile:

No need, I’m done with this topic. Just please invest your time in anything else than annoying me, I will be grateful.


@San_Francisco I wanted to take a moment to express my support for your contributions to our community. 100% agree with the points you have made in this thread

@Bojack kindly suggest that you consider stepping down from administrator. Your comments in this thread have been quite embarrassing


@_MP @Julianek @Dr.PI This looks like an abuse of moderator power. Normal users can’t make entire threads disappear. Moderators shouldn’t be able to either, especially if they are involved as users themselves.

Moderators should use their privileges to moderate the forum, not for their own benefit as users (or even worse as investors).


Hi mustachian friends,

In that thread Bojack shared his convictions and put himself up for critique which is something I respect. I believe he is currently sitting on a large mark to market loss as the position has not (yet) turned out like he hoped.

I would encourage people to respect his wishes and not drag up the past. Nothing is stopping anyone starting a new thread about Tesla. The old thread can be found if anyone really wants to refer to it

Please consider Bojack has donated hours of his time to administer a forum where discussion is usually positive and constructive. Without him there would have been no forum


In my view, a Thread Starter should have the right (and power) to close a thread (aka no new posts) when it has run its course. Its misfortunate with a thread that starts to live on its own (like e.g. the BTC one) but still that right shall be granted to the Thread Starter.

What in my view is a no-no is when additional, Admin rights are used to hide a threat with no reason. If You ask me, the thread should have just been closed and it would have disappeared in the data nirvana itself.

Therefore my proposal @Bojack: we now have a new thread adressing the share. So Problem solved. If you somewhen in the next few days feel like just deleting your posts in the old thread (if you want them to disappear?) and post this keep it closed yet unhidden - I think we are in a great place again :slight_smile:

@all the others: This Board has slighly strange moderation and @_MP is fine with this. Given his absence here, I don‘t think he cares much about how we feel or what we think. This is a given so not worth to discuss it as it was demonstrated several times that it wouldnt change. We either accept it or we go - its as simple as that. My Personal conclusion from a long time ago is that I will simply not post anything too sensitive or Personal here.

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Understandable as it is from a personal standpoint of your investment (though this may change again, depending on TSLA’s future stock price), I feel you let your personal feelings get in the way of moderating there.

I don’t know if you’re still holding your TSLA shares. I can very well comprehend that you may feel annoyed or rather forget about that thread at the moment, if you do. But conversely, if Tesla’s stock was at double or triple its current price today, I never believe that you would have closed and delisted (hide) that thread either.

The thread wasn’t only about you. The thread and its 1690 replies far transcended your own question that was answered.

Looking it, you were far from the only one advocating to buy Tesla. In fact, in your arguments and words I feel you were voicing your replies level-headed than some others. Let alone the YouTube influencers and their content that got linked to. There were certainly users and replies that were much more vocal in stoking the FOMO on TESLA than you.

Though you can’t deny you contributed to it. You jumped on that hype train and really put your money where your mouth was. No blame at all - as I’ve stated in that thread before, I respect you for that, I have to commend you and still admire you for that. Regardless of the momentary outcome and eventual outcome.

And you also can’t deny that users, including new users are coming to this forum searching for investment advice. And when they do, I believe the forum (and that includes you) shouldn’t just let the great successes live on the forum and hide the instances where it doesn’t pan out as we hoped.

:point_right: Letting people stoke the FOMO on a stock - but then not only forget but actively “hide” and swipe things under the rug when the investment doesn’t play out as hoped for? That doesn’t sit well with me.

And more than any other thread on the forum (with possibly the exception of BTC) it illustrates, it was exemplary of the Fear Of Missing Out on a particular stock or investment trend, and how we can get carried away with it. I certainly don’t exclude myself personally from that, looking at the lithium miner stock investment that I still have.

:point_right: And that is why I’d argue that (even though I can understand it may be unpleasant if not painful for you from an investing standpoint) that thread deserves to be publicly available on the forum. And it deserves to be possible to be revisited.

As a forum, that is also a question of honesty, fairness and transparency to users.


Jumping in to share that the initial thread Should I buy TSLA shares? is now visible again (after discussion and agreement with @Bojack and @Julianek).

I let it closed, as this thread already acts as follow-up.

As always, no hard feelings, we’re all humans here ^^