VIAC's 1 post users

I don’t want to look like a a**hole, but…
I was wondering if we should lock the VIAC referral topic. We are slowly becoming a subpage of VIAC, where many people just register to the forum just to post their VIAC codes. Maybe we could set a topic where an admin will post only the codes available at the moment, filtering users with less than 10-20 posts…

disclaimer: I haven’t fully registered with them and have still to post my codes. I personally would prefer to use codes of people that contributed to the forum, rather than the last person that registered just to post his/her codes.

Am I too harsh?


Since I had exactly the same though today - I agree with you. @Julianek ?

Hi guys, I agree with you. I don’t think this forum is meant to be a post board for VIAC referral codes. I am frequently visiting the forum and I like to have all topics “read”. But there is always this VIAC referral thread that keeps popping up on top. We could just maintain a Google Spreadsheet for that or sth. I’d say we just lock this thread, but I’ll wait for Julianek to speak his mind :slight_smile:


Also as pointed in the thread, we’re talking about 700 CHF over 30 years (20 CHF/year), I’m sure most people have better things to optimize…

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Hi guys,

OK for locking the thread.

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I disabled notification for that thread long time ago.


Hm … as someone who had at first registered only because of the VIAC referals (Disclaimer: still have one left), I thought the topic was nicely contained in its own thread. As 1000000CHF said: Everybody can mute whatever they themselves don’t consider worthwhile.

What might be forgotten here is that a new user can be useful for the community later on. Even if the new user gets something first (exchange referal codes) they can still give back to the community later (e.g. useful knowledge).

In my case being already registered lowered the bar to make some contributions later on (in my case exchange rates at Chinese ATMs). It doesn’t seem to hurt anybody and is appearently useful for many (including the community). I suggest the forum elders broaden their mind and stance a bit here.


I was thinking to suggesting a lock of the thread, where only an admin can write the codes. This way we can also have some kind of queue for them, otherwise if you post at the wrong time, your post might be buried by some new posts and that can be unfair.

My other suggestion was to accept codes only from people that have already posted 4-5 topics in more than a week. That might be also useful to filter old and repeated questions (ask @hedgehog how it feels to read all the time the same questions :slight_smile: ). This also reveal how much I am a fan of a wiki style space instead of our continous answering old questions… (Note: I am also guilty sometimes )

I know how much news members are useful, as long as they are members…You are the wrong example of why the thread was closed though. You came here more than once.

I see your point, but as @nabalzbhf pointed out, there are bigger fish to fry than a few bucks savings.

And you want to coordinate that? Jeez guys, give it a rest…

I suppose you can use that for a special viac group with a single topic in it.

I will give it a rest, no worries. ^^

Regarding fish: One can get about 250x4 of them in about 30 years or about double of that if you add another 10. If one is already going to use that 3a pillar, then the added work to get those 1000/2000 fish was a conservative 20 minutes (for me).

A most mustachian choice, I’d say.

Won’t that just cause this to spill over into other threads?

Why not just leave it open and just mute it?

and then everybody has to mute a thread that nobody is interested in. and probably many don’t even know about this functionality.

As VIAC itself and this forums gains in popularity, I can only preditct a flood of more 1-post users and an absolute explosion of posts in the referral thread. Best to have this contained at an early stage.

As a compromise, perhaps the thread could be moved to a member-only part of the forum, so it doesn’t act as an invitation for opportunists, but existing members could still profit from referral exchange.


I completely agree. It was annoying me as well.

If your first contribution to this forum is that of personal gain then I don’t think you are a very worthwhile addition.

Some forums even require new users to post an introduction before they post anywhere else. I am not advocating for that but most often these kind of rules have reasons

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I was trying to find how to only allow users with a certain level of trust level (see link from @ma0 above) to post in a given thread, but i did not manage to find it.
A manual sorting and monitoring of “who can post, who can’t” is out of the question (i have other things to do), so for the moment the thread will be locked.

I agree that the thread can be locked. I had started it in order to keep the main VIAC discussion thread clean, but didn’t expect it to remain so active.
1-post users are not adding anything to the forum, so I agree that there is not much point letting this thread keep growing, especially if it annoys some of the core users.

Aaaand they are posting in other threads

Well if all the posted codes are already used up, it’s probably reasonable to have that old refferal thread completely deleted.

I’ve said already, that some good samaritan could create a public google sheet or something, where anybody could post codes. This link could be then pasted in a wiki or at the bottom of that referral thread.

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