VIAC's 1 post users

Maybe a protected topic, updated once per week? People will just PM me and I’ll update it once per week.

But does this solve the issue? This kind of content is not what a forum is for. We would also see the updates of your post each time. I think we should really just store the codes outside of the forum and only keep a link here.

I vote to reopen the tread until a better solution is found, otherwise they’ll just start polluting other treads.

I would leave it like it is.

Or we do the weekly topic thingie. It will solve as long as I check: how many posts the poster has and if they make sense.
I wonder only if you can give me the power for a single topic, otherwise we need a subcategory just for that.
I might update it more than once per week, since I happen to come more often than that. It depends on how much time I have.

Hi guys,

this is just a suggestion.

Why don’t you leave open the referrals thread so that people willing to open a new account can post there asking for one?

Then as soon as one user replies with his code nobody puts any other codes (first one wins).

That is, no user puts there his codes unless there’s a post asking for a referral without replies.

I think it could be a good compromise solution.

Kind regards,


I find it quite annoying to constantly see this ping-pong: gimme a code, here’s a code.

What if we just use some online paste board like this?

Can you try to write some stuff there? We will see if it stays.

It obviously works (I’ve used it in online interviews!)

The problem I see with that is that nothing prevents any malicious user to delete the codes from others and put his.


google form definitely solves the issue. items can only be added, and everybody can add.


Yes, here is one of my code: VCJann Edit: The code has been used

Thanks Wapiti. I already had one.

Hi guys,

The lockdown push me to move my bcge 3rd pillars to viac thanks to this forum and the other threads on the subject.
I registered to VIAC and used Neville referral code. I see it as giving back to the community.
Your idea of VIAC referral code will be a nice idea

I guess you realize we’re talking about 2 chf per year? Imo not worth spending much time on it…

Actually I didn’t look at the perks. I just so some past threads about it so I thought it’ll be a good idea.
I was trying to bring some positive spirits.

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