Using my pension for a downpayment

Can I use my pension as a downpayment for any of the following?

  1. A small plot without a house (or with a house) for a weekend home (So I will not live there)
  2. A flat that I plan to rent out (So I will not live there)
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You mean savings on pension plan (second pillar)?



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Can I buy a house with a 3a / 2. pillar downpayment, live in it for a few years and then sell it / rent it out? Is there some minimum time period after buying the property with my pension to be able to rent it out?

Search for it on the forum. You’re not the first one to come up with the idea and we recently discussed this on the forum (Edit: here).

Sure. If you pay the amount withdrawn back to your pension fund (whether from the proceeds from the sale of the property or other wealth you‘ve acquired in the meantime), no problem at all.

Also, there‘s been a recent case in federal court regarding your intention to rent out.


You can ask your tax office about your plan, they’ll be the one who decide in the end.

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