"Selbstgenutztes Wohneigentum"

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Does anyone know the exact definition of “Selbstgenutztes Wohneigentum” (some mortgages seem to relate to this)? I plan on buying a property but want to rent it for a few years before I retire (right now I do not own any other properties).

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It means that you need to establish your main residence in the property. Any other use (like renting out) would not be possible.


Ok thanks for the feedback… So can I assume this only applies when signing the mortgage contract with the bank… After signature, I can move away resp. rent the property?

I don’t think that will work, otherwise that would be a useless clause, when you could rent it out after signing the contract…

Where did you see mortgages only for “selbstgenutztes Wohneigentum”? I know that you can only take out your 2nd pillar for “selbstgenutztes Wohneigentum”, but not about mortgages related to this. I would imagine that they give you a higher rate if you don’t live in the property as their risk is higher.

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VIAC I guess, they now offer mortgages

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Yes, VIAC states this on its website… But I’ve also seen other institutions offering better rates for “Selbstgenutztes Wohneigentum”.

Another explanation I was thinking of is that banks would give preferred interest rates only for the “first” mortgage a person has.

You can do this. But the bank will calculate your Tragbarkeit again, based on the rental price, and ask you to amortize (at least 5%).
If you move asap the bank might not like it

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I don’t think so, you could also first buy a property to rent out, which would be your first mortgage, and then buy one to live there yourself, but you’d still get the better rate for the one you live in, as their risk is higher when you rent it out.

They explicitly rule out rented property in their FAQ - and I would assume they also do so in their contractual terms. The way you phrase your intention (of signing contract but then intending to move away immediately) can clearly be construed as a violation of the contract. Though of course you might get away with. Then again, I wouldn’t be surprised if this did end up in a court of law either.

Some cases have ended up in front of court.

In general, it is accepted that you move out and keep the pension/3a in the real estate if a/ you buy another one as a primary residence and b/ you have lived a certain time in the first one (from what I could see, minimum 5-10y)

Just moving out 2 months later would not do it.

What if i took the mortgage with fixed rate for 10 years without any 2nd or 3a pillars, lived in the apartment for 2-3years and want to move out (i.e. live with my parents or rent another apartment for me) and rent out the apartment i own?
Would i need to renegotiate with the bank?

Legally speaking I do not know (a lawyer will probably say yes). Personally I would say that the “original intention” one had when signing counts for something. A mortgage from the small bank next-by where you know the guy will for sure help to sort out such a situation.

Check the contract you sign with the bank I guess? If nothing there prevents you from renting it out, then I don’t see what could they say if you do.