Using IBKR instead of a saving account?


On the path to growing my wealth through investing, I am transferring a fixed amount of CHF every months from a bank account that is converted into USD and then invested in VT (DCA instead of lump sum).

That said, I just received an email from IBKR that caught my attention where they suggest me to have a look at their interest rates: Interest Rates | Interactive Brokers LLC

If I understand correctly, they seem to propose an appealing USD interest rate on the cash balance above 10K USD (4.33% at the moment, and 0.271% for CHF), so I came to realize that maybe I should directly transfer and convert all the amount of money that I plan to DCA in VT in following year. The only caveat that I see is that I wouldn’t be able to “DCA” over the USD.CHF exchange rate during the year, and also that if the interest rate suddenly drops or even become negative, I may have to convert it back in CHF at a worse price and potentially transfer it back to my bank account.
Is there any other caveat that I should be aware of?

That said, even storing CHF in IBKR seems like a better deal than with a traditional bank saving account: for instance with Raiffeisen bank there is a 20k chf monthly withdrawal limit and the interest rate is even slightly lower (0.25%). While for IBKR the only limitation that I see is their 10K tier cutoff.
What am I missing here?

Thank you for your answers,

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