Use MOAT/SPGP ETF as satellites to your core investment?

I recently was presented a youtube video where some fincluencer talked about 4 ETFs that outperfomed the S&P500 over the last 20(ish) years (Ticker: “MOAT”, “SPGP”)

Do you think that it would be a viable strategy to combine these two ETFs with my VWRD?

Some things I already considered:
Unfortunately exposure to USD would increase
ETFs are relatively expensive (TER ca. 0.5)
ETFs follow a strategy and one must regularly check, if the strategy still matches ones portfolio
ETF “only” invest in a few companies
ETF volume is not very big

I cannot really estimate the risk (except the ones mentioned above), that comes with such ETFs.

Can you?
Am I missing some risk?
Would you consider it a risk worth taking?

BRK.B has no TER :wink: It also didn’t outperform the S&P500, but I am still buying it as a defensive forever stock.

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No, you increase exposure to US companies, not USD. There is even a wiki post about this. :ok_hand:

Secondly, past performance ≠ future returns.

Thirdly, MOAT is active management, SPGP is some quality, value, momentum thing.


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