UBS vs Yuh vs another company? costs the least to receive CHF from abroad?

Hello Mustachians, I will receive some CHF from a foreign bank, as there is fees, do you know among my existing accounts, with which one I will receive the most money? (the least fee deducted)

I have UBS and Yuh and Revolut(but this is for a few dozen K CHF so I guess should avoid). or you suggest me to open an account with another company? After this step, most of the money will probably be sent to IBKR by wire transfer

of course I am only asking for likelihood/probability and don’t expect any guarantee

As far as I know, it depends on what Swiss correspondent bank the foreign bank works with, if any (and the cost division specified by the sender). I would choose the UBS account. UBS often acts as correspondent bank, in which case no third bank would be involved as intermediary that could deduct additional fees.

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I‘m all for discussing particular issues in dedicated thread rather than lumping everything together… but how many threads are you going to open about your foreign currency issues?

As this all very much is related info and discussion, couldn’t we focus on like… maybe one
neutralname‘s least-cost currency payments and exchange thread? :slightly_smiling_face:


Since you just stated that you’re „already quite fed up“ with opening new accounts, I suggest you use one of your existing CHF accounts.

While it‘s probably still a guess which account will be least expensive, I do agree with the point.


I think Revolut is not suitable for such an amount of cash. Yuh is using UBS as correspondence bank, so I would probably also use UBS directly.

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all the 3 of you are right. I received the money on UBS with the minimum fee I have ever had: 6 CHF…Thanks again for saving me money. would be happy to buy you coffee when we are in the same city, please feel free to PM me in which city you are based.