Traditional index funds in Switzerland

I wonder why nobody is mentioning the traditional index funds, which you can buy directly and not on the stock exchange. There seem to be some available in Switzerland. I recently read a brochure from called “Eine Untersuchung der Unterschiede und Gemeinsamkeiten von ETF und Indexfonds”. There are fewer of them than ETFs and their TERs are slightly larger than by ETFs, but they have an advantage in terms of stamp duty in comparison to ETFs. Did anybody look into that in more detail?

partially i did, in terms of my pillar 3a that i have (recently without adding more funds) with VZ:

i doubt that unless i see a credible document that says so.

i could not find any advantages of index funds over ETFs, apart from some indexfonds that exist without an ETF counterpart, for example there is one on the SPI extra but no ETF.

That’s true no stamp duty is applied to swiss index funds. However, swiss index fund has a higher TER and less favorable tax treaty than ETF based in the US or IE.
If you open an account with a non-Swiss broker like IB, no swiss stamp duty is applied on ETFs traded on the SIX. Moreover, ETFs can be bought by any broker, funds have more limitation (for example: having an account in the bank offering the fund).

Credit Suisse has opened some of their index funds formerly designed for pension funds to the public:

a comparison of pros and cons of index funds vs. ETF here:

I do have shares of the CSIF total market Switzerland. The difference to CHSPI is tiny. However, if you want to invest into SMIM index, there are about two index funds but no ETF.

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No, two ETFs tracking the SMIM exist iShares SMIM (CH) and UBS ETF (CH) SMIM (CHF) A-dis

You’re right. I had a mixup. I mea the SPI Extra. If you like small caps.