The perfect market timing tool

Do you think we could trick the market by you logging into my account and buying for me?

Haha, yeah send me Bitcoins and I buy and hold your ETFs for you.

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SP500 future red, I might get lucky tomorrow for once?

No, it must be the beginning of a crash probably :slight_smile:


I assume the Russians will invade the day after, sending stocks tumbling.

You should postpone your investments indefinitely. In the name of world peace.


He is investing his bonus and 3a tomorrow.

Russia will invade Ucraine and China will invade Taiwan.


Will the Russian invasion already be priced in today? Or is the market waiting for my final signal?

Oh no, why would it be?

Bought 25 VTI @ 218$.


Like clockwork.



Don’t worry. You are doing everything right: investing lump sum when you have the money available. Plus you keep being invested. With your investment horizon and following those principles, you’ll end up with a very high amount of money.

It could always be worse. I chickened out for my VIAC account in late 2020, thinking it’s pretty high again, and rebalanced away from 97% stocks. Fortunately I don’t have much in this 3a account, but still. I’m +/- 0 on this one, during a stock rally. Plus I wasn’t as aggressive in March 2020 during the crash, too hesitant to invest bigger amounts in a short time. So I had to buy more expensive later on.

In 10 or 15 years, you won’t care that stock market went on a dive the day after you invested your bonus.


If you knew it was to happen, why didn’t you just wait a little longer and buy for 213 instead of 218?

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Then it wouldn’t have happened :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

By the way, kudos to @Cortana for sharing with us and staying so positive! If you keep it up with the same “luck” I expect there will be a r/wallstreetbets thread someday where someone shares their “100% reliable strategy that shorts the market whenever Cortana announces he’s buying”.


To be fair, VTI was already dropping before this buy. I’d say this one doesn’t count. :stuck_out_tongue:

Like @Fireworks said, If I waited for 213$, I wouldn’t have seen this price for the rest of my life. This is how the market works for me. I wait, everything goes up. I invest, everything goes down.

Yeah I know. I’m pretty sure that “Invest everything what you are able to save as soon it’s available and never sell until you are retired” is a very good investment philosophy. It should give me the best results longterm. But still, there is a strong correlation between how much I invest and how big the drop is afterwards :stuck_out_tongue:

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You were wrong. The Russians invaded 2 days after I invested my bonus.


They didn’t expect that, and they needed to re-group. It was you!

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VTI @ $220.40

That was a short window to invest at a better price than you did. :wink:

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The market has only seen your “buy” transaction at the far end of your 3a asset transfer, missing the “sell” piece of it.
The end is near!

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ETH getting closer to 2000 again :slightly_smiling_face: