Tax deduction - Brokerage fees?

Hello, I have ~300 CHF as Brokerage fees, can I deduct these fees from my taxes (Zurich)?

I think you can deduct custody fees and tax certificate fees from the taxable income, but not transaction fees.

There is also a flat deduction (percentage of Vermögen) possible instead.

I’m not a tax advisor.

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In Zurich you can deduct 0.3% of managed assets as a flat deduction without any proof.
Depot-management fees are deductible but not transaction-fees for buying/selling stuff.

Up to 6k (for those lucky enough to have 2M in equity :slight_smile: )

This is based on total amount of equity (including individual stocks) or total amount of assets in ETFs?

Should be for all equities afaik.

I’d say its the total amount of assets. Be it bonds, equity, ETFs, I dont think it matters. It just has to be “administrated” by a broker.


Indeed I forgot some people have bonds :slight_smile: just cash doesn’t count.

Is this only for ZH?

I think it’s for most cantons, in NE it’s the same (but we only get 0.2% deduction)

I know its 0.3% for ZH. I dont know about other cantons

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