Tax declaration in Canton Zug with DA-1 form

I have a question regarding putting VT on the tax declaration.

The software for the tax declaration doesn’t allow me to set DA-1, if I set the Valoren-Nummer and pull the info from their database. Here’s an example how it looks:

So I figured out that I’ll remove the Valoren-Nummer and fill everything myself and I ended up with putting these numbers:

The main difference is the Rubrik, which gets blocked with value:

Rubrik: B - Ohne Verrechnungssteuer

and I’m trying to set it to:

Rubrik: C - DA-1/R-US

I’m also not sure about the difference between Bruttoertrag and Dividende - so I put the same number in both.

My question is - does it make sense and are tax authorities going to accept this? Thanks in advance for any help with this headache.

the support guys of the ZG tax authorities told me exactly this - do not enter a Valoren-Nummer, otherwise you can’t select the DA-1 rubrik (even if there might be a valid Valoren-Nummer available). I think you can enter it, let the software fill all the fields, and then remove it again, so you can select DA-1.

I think Bruttoertrag and Dividende should be the same thing, but can’t quite remember.

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Thanks a lot! I’ll write an email to Kantonale Steuerverwaltung to confirm with them.

I had a similar “problem” with BS tax tool.
Described my workaround approach (that went through OK) in the Tax return topic - will try to find my post and link here.

Edit: Here you go

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