Swisscard discontinues their cardservice

As title says. Apparently they want “soon” to stop their website and force everyone to use their App or eBill.
I might start using eBill. I don’t like installing another banking app on my phone.

Crap! I’m using the web page (which indeed does not get any update since forever…) to import card transactions to my wallets management tool… if so, time to move to another issuer for me I fear…

I start to think I might have to buy a cheap android phone just for banking. For 50chf you can get a Wiko. The only thing is that Swisscard doesn’t say which OS version you need for that app so I’m again stuck.

For the transactions you might have to make a pdf to csv app. I keep thinking about doing that myself.

Not sure if this allowed in the forum, but I wrote a Python script to parse Swisscard (and Cembra Cumulus) PDF statements into CSV files. So far it exports to a CSV format compatible with Wallet by Budgetbakers, but you can customize it to your needs.


@schwamen50 cool ! I’m not an IT “pro” (only amateur… :wink:) do I have to do something special to run it on macOS ?

Not much, you just need python and a few standard dependencies. I plan to publish the package to pip so it will be easier to install and run, maybe this week.

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They sent me an e-mail a couple days ago, due date is February 18th.

I’ve installed the app, whatever… :man_shrugging:

I did not receive any e-mail so far… still worried and looking for options
Just called the COOP SuperCard call center to ask if they allow download of transactions at least in .csv from on their portal but they said PDF only…

I got the email from Swisscard. It says from 25.2 …

@schwamen50 I’ve seen you mention Cembra together with SwissCard. Do you refer to Migros-Cumulus MasterCard here ?

If so, I’d like to know if it allows the download of transactions in .csv or quicken format. I’m looking for alternative solutions to SC while waiting for the official communication…

@weirded yes, I meant the Cumulus Mastercard by Cembra. As far as I could tell you can only download monthly statements in PDF, so I also wrote a script to parse those into CSV format, same link as before.

FYI, I published a first release of the PDF parser:


cool, but I’d have chosen a more significative name.
bankstat-parser or something like that. It is more important the fact that it read and exports bank statements rather than the statements themselves are pdfs.

Also for exporting csvs, pandas is a bit overkill. If you don’t have it installed it’s a bit too much maybe.

Sorry now I stop raining on your parade.

I’m going to test it soon 'cause it’s a cool tool.

Thanks for the feedback! I don’t have much experience publishing code for the general public, mostly work-related projects where naming conventions, usability, READMEs and so on are not relevant, so any kind of input is welcome!

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Thanks for preparing the script, @schwamen50!!
I also sent feedback to swisscard. Hope they check it. It’s unacceptable to offer only a PDF export of transactions. If I can’t find a solution, I will probably consider changing to another card provider.

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@vini88 if you decide so, let me know which one you end up with. In the meantime I’m minimizing SwissCard related transactions (switching to PF card whenever possible - in CH - and Revolut when “credit card circuit” is required)

Thanks for your work, I’ve just started tracking our expense and this will save me a lot of time.
I love the Migros website that allow you to import any receipt as CSV but Coop is only sending PDF by email. If you want to go further I would love to have a converter for Coop receipt, otherwise I’ll try myself with Excel of something else.

Regarding this Swisscard website, it’s really a shame to stop such a basic service. I’ve just got my cards 2 months ago so I have never used the website but I had already a lot of trouble to install the app as my phone is rooted and they didn’t like it. But it works now, I just have to manually enter the one time code from email because I cannot use Fingerprint as I isolate the app in the work profile of my phone to run it undetected (with Magisk Hide activated of course but only this was not enough). I used the same trick for Twint but Revolut and Neon are not bothering me about root so far, hope it will not change.

I’ thinking about buying a new phone just for the various Banking apps and leave it at home and mostly in airplane mode.

54CHF for a simple one

Not sure if I’m really bothered to do that though.

Yes it’s an option but you loose all the advantages of having access to these service when out if home. I used to install some banking app on a tablet that is almost always in airplane more for watching movies and reading ebooks. But today with the services I use I don’t need to do that anymore.

This works like a charm, thanks @schwamen50!

In the process of setting it up I tried the Wallet app which I like much more than what I was using (Pocketsmith) — plus it gives the option of a one-off payment instead of every month #win

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