Swiss life hacks list

Update, after my giftcards would have used up at the end of March I’ve just tried to re-add the credit card and it was accpeted :smiley: So I will pay 59.99 TL/month and receive the Netflix cashback, making Netflix completely free. I’ll report back in April if the cashback worked as expected.

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I‘ll spend a few days in Buenos Aires in the beginning of April and thought about subscribing there to Netflix and Spotify. Idea is to use the services without VPN hassle.
As far as I have read, one needs also a credit card/debit account issued in Argentina for the monthly payments. To get around this, I plan on buying Netflix/spotify cash cards (in ARS) for a few 100 bucks for the monthly payments.

Anyone tried this before? it wouldnˋt kill me if the vouchers became worthless after a while.

Take cash with you ($ best) as atms are very expensive (about 5% of transaction if I remember correctly due to high fee and low max withdrawal), or pay everywhere with a debit card (which is required by law, no extra fee allowed)

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And get charged by your bank (1.75% or so)?
Why not credit card?

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Not required by law. Revolut is a debit card, no fees until a certain amount


Having been to BA before, I’m familiar with the cash situation&blue dollar. I’ll use WU (western union) but also change some in calle florida as I like to haggle.

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I see you’re not interested in getting good exchange rates…

Just managed to sign up for Netflix Turkey through Tor browser (Exit node Tr) and using a gift card bought on

Was wondering if the same works for Spotify? Tried signing up via Turkey and Malaysia but no luck

Aren’t they asking you for a Turkish phone number for verification?

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Netflix? No, Netflix was fine with my Swiss number

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Netflix trying new ways to prevent sharing of accounts:

You never used WU specifically for ARS, am I right?

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What do you mean with ARS?

Either “Argentinian pesos” or “arse”.

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Guys, the ISO code for Argentine Pesos is “ARS”.
It seems that there is limited knowledge here regarding the specific situation of ARS (Dolar Blue, exchange restrictions, VAT/Sales taxation depending on nationality or used credit card).

For those that have never been to Argentina or want to make some payments in cash, I recommend you look at WU as they offer dolar blue rate with the comfort of chosing the location you want to get the cash.


Just started my (turkish) Youtube premium for 9chf/year.
Thank you all for the tips. :face_with_monocle:


Has someone also tried the VPN “trick” for other services like Disney+, and Amazone prime? I currently use the Turkish Netflix which is amazing.


amazon prime worked. I pay now 7.90 TRY = 0.43 CHF a month.
I tried it for sky sports too, but were not able to get a price in TRY


Awesome, thanks for the information. Have you also tried DAZN? I saw in Google that it seems not to work but have not tried it yet. My problem is also our TV, it’s an 2009 Philipps Model without internet function and this stupid TV will not break down :crazy_face: I hope to get a new one for years but as it still works I don’t want to trash it without a need.

No did not try DAZN, but I just looked into it. Does not seem to show golf. That’s what interested me with sky sports.
I had the same problem for years with a TV lasting soo long… I did use chromecast in the meantime, not the same as a good smart TV, but for netflix, amazon prime and sky it worked fine with my android tablet.