Swiss life hacks list

Has anyone a lifehack for getting headspace somewhat cheaper? Tried it with VPN from Turkey, but it’s always the same ~USD 65.

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(more sellers are here: )


What’s that last forum? People selling all kind of stuff…

Bitcoin Forum with shady seller and cheap prices, but there are also some legit sellers and good offers. ( Always trust your IT instincts :wink: )

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my instinct says not to buy

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Bought some stuff there from the good sellers, never had an issue, but always be careful!

As a turk myself, I wasted my youth to find ways with vpn, tor etc. to deal with censorship (even for wikipedia) and now it makes me feel strange to see you all trying to have a turkish IP :slight_smile: I don’t know if you need to have a turkish account/card to buy these services but I can say that the biggest profit I get is on steam. I pay around 5-10 chf for the games which cost 60-70 chf in swiss market. I know possibility is low but a way can be getting a virtual card information from a friend with turkish account. Most banks let you create a virtual card to use online shopping which you define a limit for and can be cancelled anytime.


Nice, and those games can be sent as gifts to other accounts too right? Or did Valve restrict that by now? I guess that’s where all the CD Key shops get their keys from.

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Good website for the steam game prices:

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To be honest, I haven’t tried it and the information on steam is not clear. There are different country restrictions for each item.

I checked it, Valve has some silly restriction on gifting if the original price was more than 10% less than the target country account.

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after the subscription, do you still have to have the Turkish IP? or it doesn’t matter after that?

I can tell you tomorrow.

I think you can activate the gifts with a VPN, but that is a reason to ban your account. So I wouldn’t risk it with my main account.

I can’t restart my Netflix membership with the same credit card details I used to register. It always says “There was an error processing your payment information. Please check that all fields are filled out correctly and try again.” when I try to update the payment instructions it doesn’t accept any card I have.


OK finally got it working. I bought a 100 TL Netflix gift card from G2A and redeemed that, that allowed me to restart the subscription with my originally entered credit card details.

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Canceled my Netflix and Spotify account and ordered those accounts from Aliex. The migration from Spotify was my most fear, but found some service and it literally took me 5min for export and later import my music structure into my new Spotify account. The part I was using was free of charge. Now, lets see how (long) the new accounts will work…

You can buy a spotify family account ( ) for Fr. 20.95 (monthly), which includes 6 individual spotify premium accounts.
Simple math:
20.95 CHF x 12 months = 251.40 CHF / 6 accounts = 41.90 CHF (yearly per user) / 12 months = 3.50 CHF montly per user :wink:
But of course you need a total of 6 “family” members… :wink:


Both sites make sense but need to be taken with a grain of salt. Consider these aspects

  • Stock availability
  • Delivery time
  • Trustworthiness
  • After-sales support

I never went for the cheapest offer from these sites but was looking out to optimize the 4 aspects. I’m not a friend of long waits and drop-shipping offers and it may happen that a part is missing or defect and will need to be replaced.

For books (price searchengine):