Swiss life hacks list

I used a VPN provider that offers something like 1GB a day or so and they had a Turkish server. Worse case, you pay for a month of VPN access from a provider that has Turkish IP (I hear Argentina is the cheapest Netflix in the world, then it’s Turkey. But I didn’t have an Argentina server).

That’s a slippery slope though. By that logic, anything is ok because it’s not my fault if someone else doesn’t do anything about it.

My Revolut cards and a Paypal account were all rejected when trying to sign up for a new account.

When I tried to cancel my existing account and then sign-in from Turkey I can only “Restart membership” with the same Swiss price.

The problem is also the library:

I think you need a vpn also if you want to see US shows.

The library is where you’re connecting from, not where you signed up. Swiss account used in the US: you get the US catalogue. Turkish account or Swiss or US account used in Switzerland: you get the Swiss catalogue.

Netflix is pretty aggressive with VPNs, and I keep hearing they put a lot of effort to ban people who stream over VPNs.

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Yes, don’t use any of these. I failed and burned a few accounts with these. The only way it worked was creating a new account without a VPN, use my Swiss bank credit card, cancel, TR VPN to choose a plan and resume but billed to the Swiss card I had previously entered. The bank charges me a 1.75% conversion fee but the amount is so little that it doesn’t matter, and it’s the only card Netflix would deem worthy. Revolut, N26, Transferwise, anything else: all rejected.

Did you do that on a phone or on a laptop/desktop?

On a computer
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There’s no way to choose a TR plan, I only get a “Restart Membership” button which gives me the Swiss prices :frowning: Did you do this recently or did they maybe fix the loophole?

EDIT: So the Netflix Helpcenter article says if you want to move a country, you should cancel, wait for your payment period to end and then sign-up from the new country after that. I’ll wait now for a bit to see if the plan activation flow is different if the account is completely cancelled.

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That’s exactly what I described :wink:

You have to wait for the membership to lapse, and then reactivate it.

How did you get a TR YouTube Premium family account by the way?

I already had Premium. Cancelled the subscription, connected with a Turkish IP in a Browser and them subscribed with a Revolut card for 17.99 TL. Pretty straightforward.


Tested this on the weekend as well, can confirm it works.

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I can confirm the above… currently the hacks which i’m using:

Spotify Family with 4-5 Friends - cost: 4-5.-/Month (since 4 years)
Netflix via Brazil, shared with 4 friends - cost: 2.- /Month (since around 3-4 years)
YT-Premium via Turkey - cost: 1.70/Month (since 1-2 years)



And for those who do not have your IT-skills… Which good free VPNs have brazilian and turkish IP’s? I only found one with european or US IPs where netflix is pretty expensive too…
Most VPN providers do not give in which countries you can have IP’s and I do not want to pay 12EUR for a 1 month subscription without knowing if it has the countries needed (yes I know, if you take the yearly subscription its only 3.99 EUR :wink: but multiplied by 12 its 48 EUR and I would use this only for this life hack)

Google for Tor Browser and how to set ExitNodes. That should be doable for a person who knows how to install and start a program.


protonVPN has a trial period and it’s swiss


There are some free VPN’s available. I once used an app with a bear, but dont remember the name of it… now i am using NORDVPN… but google is your friend :slight_smile:

Turkey vpn server = free :wink:

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I can confirm that the easiest way to go about it (if you don’t already have a VPN) is to just install the Tor Browser, edit the config file to use a specific exit node in Turkey (using the country code tr), tried myself yesterday. Much quicker than signing up for a VPN.

 ExitNodes {tr} StrictNodes 1
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