Swiss life hacks list

Hi everyone,

I am surprised I did not see anyone mentioning I never buy anything without checking it there first. As a foreigner, it was also good in the beginning to figure out which stores even exist as when I arrived I only new about digitec and microspot :slight_smile:
Also holding off on buying stuff until they show in could be a mustachian idea, no?

Was wondering what you think about these two and/or recommend other tips for discounts and buying stuff cheaper…


You can save a lot with toppreise with certain items. However, for electronic devices that require guarantees, I tend to stick to digitec as it is the most convenient for getting things repaired or returned due to malfunction. Fortunately, they tend to be close to the cheapest anyways.


FWIW, I made my Netflix account a Turkish one and they charge me around 5.- a month for the UHD package or whatever it’s called. It also gives me 4 concurrent streams so I gave access to 3 other people. I’m not Turkish and I’m paying with my Swiss credit card (Netflix never accepted my Transferwise card). My TV does 4K and it’s nice to view UHD content. Even though my account is technically Turkish, the catalogue is set for whatever location you’re currently watching it from. So I’m getting the same catalogue as people paying 21.90 here for the same plan.

Same for music, I use Tidal and I have a Turkish account which costs me around 3.- instead of the 30.- the charge if you’re in CH for the family lossless plan. I have 6 other users for that price so I gave them to friends and family.

I don’t watch Netflix much (I find most of their content meh, if I want to watch something it’s almost guaranteed not to be on Netflix), but it’s so cheap that I just keep it around.


@boschika did you find the same being applicable also to Spotify and YouTube Premium?

I’m also understanding you don’t need a VPN at all? Even for first subscription?

Interesting hack. What kind of verification do they have in place to open an account in another country? Did you have to give a Turkish address?

I don’t know about YT. I think Spotify also has drastically cheaper prices for Turkey.

For Netflix, you sign up for the free trial with your Swiss card etc. Then you cancel before your month is up. Then after it expires, you can log in again (with a Turkish IP) and pick a plan: the choice is now among Turkish plans and prices. Done.

For Tidal, you also need to sign up with a Turkish IP and pick a Turkish priced plan. Done.

You don’t even need a VPN again to use it.


See my other reply. You don’t need a Turkish anything with that method.

I bought for the first time Netflix Ultra HD for 4 streamers via AliExpress, was 4chf for 1 month in Jun 2020. I still have NetFlix and i checked the store from this seller and is closed. I have unlimited Netflix for 4chf :joy:


I have a similar story. Bought a netflix account on a marketplace maybe like 5 years ago for 1$. I was thinking that it’d maybe be valid for around a month maximum. It’s still working to this day.

21.90 CHF * 12 * 5 = 1314 CHF - 1CHF = 1313 CHF saved :slight_smile:


Where do those accounts come from? Stolen from unsuspecting subscribers? Not sure I’d want to be part of that…

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That’s nuts! Are you the only user there, or do you see other profiles on the home screen when it’s asking “who’s watching?”


Probably victims of phishing attacks…
I have not changed the password so they would still be able to log in and cancel the account if they’d like to - I think that’s fair.
It’s just stunning to me that they don’t notice that they’re paying for netflix every month for several years without even using it but won’t do anything against it.

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I can confirm that subscribing to a Turkish YouTube Premium Family account is possible for a whopping 3 CHF per month.

Thanks for the trick. Next up Netflix UHD :slight_smile: Meh Netflix with Revolut cards doesn’t seem to work.

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You couldn’t believe the amount of people that don’t check their accounts very closely. A few bucks there and there…

It’s still knowingly dealing in stolen goods… You think if they notice and press charges it’s not your IP that will show up? (It’s unlikely, but doesn’t make it right)

It’s like using a stolen credit card, because you weren’t the one stealing it, it’s ok?


So you have to wait a month until it works?

Add X dollars once to get a turkish IP :slight_smile:

I personally wouldn’t compare it with using a stolen creditcard. I’m not spending any money that they wouldn’t have spent otherwise.
It’s not my fault if they don’t check the credit card statements.

But I get your point. I probably wouldn’t buy such an account anymore. I was 15 when I bought it but I know that that’s not an excuse.

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I used the Tor Browser specifing ExitNodes {tr}


No it works right away, you get a 30 days free trial. Then you cancel before you’re due to pay, and once canceled you go to your account with a Turkish IP to resume your plan and choose a Turkish plan. It might even work with existing accounts, I haven’t tried.

The point is that once your account is canceled, it’s still open. You get asked to choose which plan you want to resume your subscription with your credit card on file. The plans’ prices depend on your IP. Ergo, Swiss IP => Swiss prices, TR IP => TR prices, etc.