Swiss life hacks list

If you live near, you certainly know about it, but seems to be the cheapest gaz station in romandie, diesel was selling 1.49 (edit : 1.39 today) and that before the latest news.
Located in Riaz near Bulle, canton Fribourg

Repère placé
À proximité de Garage de la Prairie, Rue de la Gruyère 79, 1632 Riaz


There is this site with gas station prices, but it seems sometimes not very updated

Speaking of fuel prices, if your employer grants you Reka, by all means take advantage of it. You can buy fuel at Coop, Avia and I’m not sure if BP or Shell and pay with Reka.

I know quite a few people who don’t know what Reka is and just ignore the offer.

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can’t you then buy reka points at Coop (3% discount ) and then use it for refueling?

That should be possible!

I never did because the Reka points that me and my girlfriend get from our employers are enough to keep my gas guzzler running for a year… :smile:

Coop fuel prices are overpriced by way more than 3%, so better fuel up even without Reka at a discount station :slight_smile:

45 offers left on Qoqa for LeTemps digital 1 year abo for 99 in stead of 329…(for first time abo only)

Agreed, really really cool App. And to be honest the idea that you are preventing food from being thrown away is as appealing as the cost competent

Perhaps slightly off topic… does anyone know the Swiss laws on food waste? Does everything really get thrown away or can they help feed people at shelters?

I think that there isn’t really a law concerning that. It depends on the politics of the business having excess of food. In Geneva for example, they can join the programm “Partage” wich collects food and distribute them to help associations and shelters. An other local store of a big food compagny, gives its rests away to a students collocation in exchange that they come ans collect each and every week and take care of disposing of the uneatable food. Other compagny pours bleach in their bins to avoid people to serve themself.

Furnitures / appliances: Facebook MarketPlace, Ricardo. Anibis, Tutti, Emmaus, Salvation Army are full of fantastic bargains – especially here in Switzerland where people tend to be more affluent, therefore creating a valuable and biddable 2nd hand market. I myself never had to pay for piece of furniture not appliance for more than 150 CHF.
Same goes for electronics (never buy the latest models!) and vehicles.


One perk of living in bern is that everyone leaves their old shit out on their doorstep.
I moved in the beginning of the year and I basically collected about 20% of the kitchen from the street and many other things. And this is with me being picky with the stuff being in good condition.
Just in the last two days I picked up a nice simple ikea breakfast bowl, snow goggles, a whole set of storage-type tupperware in very good condition, soil for balkony plants, catfood for girlfriends cat. And I wasn’t even trying to find anything.

If someone were less picky than me, they could get much more.


In which library do you get the NZZ Newspaper?

Zurich has it (PBZ).

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Cool. Thanks for he hint! I have been looking for free NZZ’s for a long time!


well I’m sure you listen to the radio now and then, and this money are used for public media (radio, news) and as annoying it can be, i’d say it’s a good thing that it exist, against private one.


Great list of sites. If you had to pick one of these sites, which would be the very best in your opinion?


  • Neon + Zak (Bye bye UBS)
  • Revolut + n26 for other currency
  • Applying for cumulus credit card and swiss cashback


  • 500.- Geneva pass is so cheap that it’s a good investment (and unfortunately I need it for work or other places as it saves me a nice sweat and 45 minutes per direction)
  • 100% Bicycle/foot for the rest on a daily base
  • no car
  • half-fair sbb card
  • if you below 25, track-7 sbb. You travel for free after 7PM. I visited and camped across whole Switzerland every weekend for 4 years


  • Assura, worse possible combination: 330.-
  • Vaudoise Assurance: RC + Home insurance + theft (bad experience few times): 300 .- per year. i signed a 5 years contracted unfortunately, ill change to Smile or else as soon it will end

Modern renovated 36 sqm 1.5 rooms In Geneva center for 1050.- (I was damn lucky for Geneva standard, as this quality and size would usually cost 1500 or old and falling apart). The key is patience and look for long in many different websites, even from smaller Real Estate companies

I’m a simply guy somehow, 10chf per month in my studio


  • Home: Sunrise fiber (35 per month), No tv and ive asked to disconnect the plug at home to save 30.- per month
  • Mobile: Young Swiss, 1.5gb internet, free sms, free call to Sunrise + 3 number at choice for 20chf (-10% internet home - 50% half-fair) = 11chf per month

Social Life:

  • Find free events, museum opening (apero/buffet), concerts
  • free hobbies or with a small initial investment (many different sports, reading, photography, guitar)
  • eat at home as my italian food is way better than any swiss scam (kind of sarcastic…but it’s true), or if really have to 50% la forchette or too good to go.
  • No Netflix, nor spotify or anything that makes me pays monthly fees, especially if I can easily listen to 30 seconds ads, find it elsewhere, or avoid to procrastinate

If you like museums, I’d suggest you to get a Raiffeisen Account with their memebership as well. 40CHF/year for a visa/mastercard debit card and Free entry into many museums.


yeah heard about it, but im pretty much covered, as Geneva has many free museum/galleries and I like the opening exhibitions which are generally free + apero :wink:
Thanks for the comment