Supplementary health insurances - Fitness reimbursement

Hello Mustachians,

I’m currently reviewing my insurances and would like to have some advices about complementary health insurances.

Since fitness memberships in Switzerland are quite expensive, i would like to have some reimbursement for it. I saw that Axa reimburse up to Frs 200 per year with their “Activ” complementary that costs about Frs 10 per month (for example).

So my questions are:

  • What is the best complementary health insurance in terms of fitness membership reimbursement ?

  • Do you have some general advices about these insurances?

Thanks !

Swica covers (or covered) 50% up to 500chf for “prevention” - but I believe that’s overall in total, and gym can only count up to max 300chf IIRC.

But you should weigh those benefits to your extra monthly payments (which will likely be over 30chf/month) and other potential benefits included that you might/not make use of (e.g. dental hygiene is also often covered 50% up to a certain max/year).
It might not pay off in the end.

I will be cancelling mine as this year it costs me more than I potentially use up.


I would second this.

For kids and teenagers, the premium to benefit ratio is usually favorable. For example, I have the maximum Swica supplemental health insurance for my kids (praeventa + top + optima), and the premiums are pay (just over 100 francs per month for 3 kids) are partially compensated by the 800 francs I can claim back for their swimming pool, gym memberships, dance classes, etc. But it would not be worth having if not for the coverage for dental and orthodontics, and unlimited checkups. The gym benefit simply discounts the premiums I pay for orthodontics coverage.

I had the same insurance but terminated it because the cost-to-benefit ratio for an adult didn’t make sense for me.

Of course, if you use supplemental health insurance anyway (for the extra travel medical cover, for example), then things look different. In that case, I could recommend Swica as having some of the best gym/sports coverage. Travel medical cover is pretty much the same across all supplemental policies.

You can compare offers here, but the comparison is (currently) a bit limited in terms of comparing specific benefits: