Supermarket receipt scan & categorisation?

To all the geeks on this forum!
I wonder if anyone knows/ has a solution that reads in or scans supermarket paper receipts and gives back a machine-readable version of thre receipt that allows me to automatically put it in the correct category of my private bookkeeping.


my use case would be to separate food expenses from everything else I buy at the supermarkets. since i am too lazy to pick apart the receipts every time, it just goes all to “supermarket food”^^

Migros and Coop can send receipts to your app and email.

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I was thinking about writing something like that. I even discussed this with @ma0 somewhere on this forum. That would be really useful because manual budgeting is pain in the butt.

 yes the app. i signed up with cumulus, just to find out its not worth to me bothering for that 1% discount in return of my detailed groceries data

but apart from that, I bet the App does not have an export format or api for such purpose?

Check here:

Having a digital list, even on a private webpage would be enough, the problem is that aldi/lidl/coop don’t have that. Migros maybe.

For the scanning part I use a Fujitsu ScanSnap ix500. OCR is working like a charm. Do you wnat to automatically categorize the reciepts afterwards?

can you show us the results of a scan? image and ocr.

Will do after hollidays

Edit: Here is a scan of a recent receipt using the Fujitsu ScanSnap ix500:

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