Mustachian app(s)

Is there any mustachian app available for mobile phones?
Does it make sense to have one? For what?

I was wondering if there is a need for that, maybe just as a guide or a personal trainer for finance or frugality.

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i dont know any remotely mustachian app besides budgeting apps, MP was in favor for ynab where i totally didnt get why i should pay CHF5 per month for something that is available for free.

i once tried the aktionis app, but it was (back then) clearly inferior to the browser version.

my relevant apps list:
AirDroid (Desktop-to-Phone access via Wlan)
Brave (privacy browser)
CamScanner (“to PDF scanner”)
GMX Mail
Mobility App
Timely (alarm clock)
VPN client
Xodo (PDF reader)

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I was thinking about writing something like (aka better) than Aktionis actually.
The first idea was also to OCR receipts, but it seems to be very very hard.
Maybe i should just let the user “ocr” by hand…

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PostcardCreator is quite the Mustachian app if u think about it. It’s my printer of photos for the fridge etc as well as the app for all physical postcards to Mom and other old-fashioned friends (living in CH).
**** 4 Mustachian stars

Google Sheets - Portfolios with links to stocks data that would have cost an arm and a leg a few years ago, or wud have required much more time to collect.
5 Mustachian stars :wink:


I also used google sheet for a while, but I had two issues:

  1. Too cumbersome. scroll scroll pinch pinch scroll tap tap…hmm
  2. It doesn’t alway synchronize well. And it does not say so. I think I almost lost some data because of it.

I’m enjoying Evernote. I do pay the subscription (about CHF 3.- per month) but it is a negligeable cost with respect to the benefit it provides to my life, especially the free time gained by having faster and simplified access to any personal info and document.
I just put everything in there. Going paperless with it. For instance, all device pdf user-manuals and warranties go into it and the paper version goes to the bin. And before making a purchase (object, device, etc), I’ll easily collect all infos into one place, so that I can comfortably decide upon the best/cheapest option.

I also use Swipes a lot (a free simple task/reminders manager). It really helps me get more things done, and again, better time management, therefore a bit more free time. The user interface is nice and simple.

Evernote seems like a good candidate for a new mustachian app. The basic Idea for it easy to replicate. Actually your use case can be easily done with just google drive and a mobile phone.

Sure, other apps can do it too.
I like the usability details, like tagging, searching, putting photos right into a note by shooting it with the smartphone, OCR, photo/document image enhancement, grouping different media, files, etc, all into a single note with text around it…

can it OCR receipts?

Good point, it does actually OCR only for search purpose, not text export…

Now I think it does not necessarily come with the free version (to be verified). But with my subscription, it will for instance tell me which note contains the searched word (even in a scanned receipt). I did the test on my iPhone right now.

Well what would be very interesting is to be able to read a receipt from say Migros and see the values exported to an excel sheet

As a matter of fact, you can do it if you have a Cumulus card (and web access)

Here’s one of my receipts from 2 days ago…

Ok yeah I forgot about it. The problem lies with Coop,Lidl,Aldi,Spar, etc.

Sorry, I can’t help with these…
Are you actually interested in the articles details, or just the sum ?

I wanted to build an app to help budgeting. The easiest way is to read receipts with OCR.

You can certainly do that, there are OCR code libraries out there… you just need to build the app around it I guess.

well, I tried the only one I know and it doesn’t work.
I suppose I can try a non-free one. How much people will pay for my mustachian app?

Well, good question…
People will pay if you provide a (good) solution to some of their problems… if the potential benefit exceeds the cost…
An idea would be to go for an all-free version at first, have it thoroughly used and tested by volunteers and eventually harvest real testimonials to convince paying customers…

Well, I’ve seen an “offer” for an Ocr library for 699usd per Month…

Hm… no cheaper one or without recurring cost out there ?

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