Staking Crypto - Best platform

I dont believe this.
USDT is much, much more likely to have done it themselves.

It looks more lika a Citadel move than a Blackrock one imo

Do you have more sources? I found the same info @SwissTeslaBull shared, on reddit, Twitter and 4chan

no, I saw several tweets about it since yesterday.

Blackrock doesn’t fit as it is a respectable asset management fund but Citadel well… hedge fund gonna hedge

Maybe a quite naive question from my side…:sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Generally, who is still selling at 80%-90% loss and further?? and why??

I mean in a situation that you are 90% down better to keep your position and forget it for ever (even if you risk to finally lose the last 10% completely) rather than realise 90% loss directly now…

Also how is possible in this crashing situation few meme tokens to keep better than ada, matic, avax, dot etc?

If you were a robot or an algorithm, you would see the situation as you should : You risk to lose 100% of what is left. Paradoxally, the panicking people see it the same way

there are still people in profit, short opening, shorts closing, margin loans that have to be repaid and gamblers…


He’s right.
Choose carefully your exchange to :

  • not get rekt by them
  • not get hit by regulations
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Stablecoins should be regulated by Central Bank in my point of view, instead of being controled by Crypto Exchanges (Coinbase - USDC, Binance - BUSD, etc.). At least, we could avoid something like the TerraUST…

This is what could happens with MiCA in Europe.

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also the exchange would not offer any stables if it was not profitable for them.

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BUSD/USDT is at 1.013 at Binance. Fortunately this time I am net short on USDT.