Social Isolation - Things to do

In this time of social isolation I am looking for recommendations for things to learn, study, watch (movies or documentaries) since we cannot meet friends or go outside otherwise.

Anything interesting to recommend besides binge watching sh*tty series on Netflix?


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Watch the good stuff Netflix instead.
IMO Netflix has brought about some of the best series.

Either learn something that’ll help in your career - or something totally different, that you would otherwise never delve into for time constraints.


Clearly! But, easy to get lost and inspiration is always welcome :slight_smile:

Oh yes, such as many of the Ghibli anime movies that Netflix has added just recently!

I am trying for the first time to make sourdough on my own. Bought some rye flour last time we went to the grocery store.

Also, I am taking the time to read some of the classics that I had never read. Currently I’m making my way through Der Stechlin by Theodor Fontane.

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Been there done that. I had a sourdough phase of 6 months in my life. Best bread I ate in my life. But you need to make a starter first! If you start now it will take you 30 days to make a decent bread…

I want to learn more about investing for example, but more hands on. I really could not plough through that one book of Graham that everyone seems to love.

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On second thought… you can always watch a movie and just be done with it after 90 or 120 minutes.

Maybe I’d choose or recommend something where…

  1. you feel you really like/need to get an overview or grip on the basics first - though couldn’t invest that time yet. Something you think you need to make a larger “upfront” investment to build a solid “foundation”.
  2. …which you can then build upon, i.e. improve upon or refine your abilities in over shorter, more regular learning and dealing with the subject.

For instance, I’ve found it hard to really “get into” learning and understanding a new language by just poking into it for a couple of minutes every day. Or cooking. If you haven’t cooked before, and haven’t developed a routine for some of the techniques, it’s a tedious process, things can you wrong, and frankly, I don’t find it much fun.

Personally, I might read up on standup comedy (or, again, on a language).

I’m making Kimchi, sprouting some beans and will try to better my breadmaking skills.

Also planning on doing a daily exercise session, maybe using youtube tutorials or something like this.

But mostly I’ll be spending time on my balcony and studying for exams I don’t know whether they’ll take place.

Try HelloChinese to learn chinese.(Android app)

Try this recipe for bread making and let me know if/how it works:

Have you tried this recipe yourself? I love this website and I have tried many bread recipes from it, but the recipe for making the sourdough starter did not work (for me) and I had to adjust it.

This particular recipe tells you to discard 75% of starter each day before feeding it. For me it never started the fermentation process (there were never any bubbles). I changed it by using a 50/50 mixture of white/rye flour, then waited for 3 days. From the third day I would discard each day 50% before feeding. After 1 month I had a significant growth and I could use it for baking. After 2 months I had a very active starter going and then I was discarding 80% with each feed and storing it in the fridge. Bread baking is an amazing rewarding experience. I could direct you to some useful videos on how to shape the dough! Good luck!

EDIT: I used this as inspiration:

I’m too scared to try it and I also have a supersmall kitchen so I never dared to try.

How about trying Mubi?
An alternative to netflix, showing high quaylity movies…

I recommend reading the Coronavirus thread on our forum. 1300 replies (and counting) should keep you busy for a day :wink:


I’m in for coding, cooking, sports (running up uetliberg) and some occasional meanwhile in russia on youtube ^^

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Binge youtube! :slight_smile:

You can’t really watch the whole youtube ofc…

Any idea on how to work for 8.5 hours at the computer in the home office with a 17 month old toddler?


oh no, I’m sorry!
maybe do early-morning exercise so the toddler wants to sleep all day?^^

[i have no kids, i don’t have any clue about it]

For those that like competitive gaming, I can recommend Hidden Cup 3, an Age of Empires 2 tournament where player identities are hidden, so the casters analyze basic play styles. It’s great fun, even if you don’t know too much about the game. HC3 will be streamed on over the next 3 days.

AOE 2 on steam 19chf. w.t.f?


Well, I have two of those AND THERE IS NO WAY both of us could work. One is taking care of the kids full time.

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