Social Isolation - Things to do

Photography is something you can spend hours on and usually you are doing it alone. You don’t even need a camera yet, you can spend hours on watching tutorials, how to’s etc. on youtube. Additionally there is the editing of the pictures on your computer.

Great question, the answer is - you can’t.


There’s a good documentary series called “Explained” (it’s produced by Highly recommend, even though from somehow left-wing perspective.


Stay active. Go trail running by yourself in the forest. Probably less advisable if you live in a densely populated area like Züri Kreis 1 (I wouldn’t go running along a lake or in a city park), but if you live a few steps from the forest, this is absolutely OK.

Stay social. Have “Skype Beers”, i.e., video chat with a friend or friends while drinking. Good excuse to catch up with your friends stuck at home in other countries!


Great thread, looking forward for inputs also as time can be long…

Today I have cleaned the flat, the car like never before x’D but that won’t do over long period of time and it stays a rather passive activity, like watching movies.

I recently re-subscribed to swiss newspapers (Le Temps in digital and NZZ am Sonntag for the sunday read). I find it good to pay for quality information (helps our country to stay as democratic and open minded as it is) and it is a good source of learning about politics, culture, science etc.

For documentaries, I can recommend:
Solo (a guy kayaking in the ocean)
Grizzly Man
Tickled (gets stranger and stranger)
Inside Job
Fyre (crazy festival project, starts as a dream and end in pure nightmare)
Free Solo (if you can in big screen)
The Dawn Wall (more emotional than Solo)
Amy (if you are into music)
Exit thrue the gift shop (On or by Banksy :wink: )


I’ve seen most of these documentaries, I agree they are cool. But the one about wall climbing is called “Free Solo” not just “Solo”

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Great suggestions!

You could watch a couple of episodes of Marie Kondo - toss out the stuff that does not spark joy for a very thorough cleaning :slight_smile:
The minimalist documentary on Netflix is also nice

Anybody seen the Tiger King on Netflix?


I finally decided to go ahead with an idea that popped up a few times in the past - and being nudged more recently by several friends asking me for hiking tips, as I covered quite a lot across CH.
As it usually takes some time to explore and give them suggestions, I thought to myself - why not have/create a place where I can just send them, let them have a look and filter out to their criteria (length, difficulty, location), see some related photos, and find what they like. :slight_smile:

So I will be setting up a website/blog documenting my hikes, which will primarily serve myself as a “diary”, then my friends, but potentially also whoever would be looking for some help in finding their next hike.
Will be mostly linked with Strava for GPS track details, accompanying photos and perhaps some comments/tips related to where to start from, stop for a coffee etc.

There are quite some hikes to backlog, so it could keep me occupied even if this isolation lasts until end of year. :grin:

I have, you can’t make that sh*t up. :rofl: Solid time-waster.


Totally insane, every episode is crazier than the one before

Imagine with 2, 8 months and 3.5 years…

We will survive :slight_smile:

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There’s an additional episode that was released later. Haven’t seen it yet.

Yes, we will survive, but we won’t be very productive in the meantime though. :slight_smile:

Learn to cook. It will save you a lot to start cooking from raw ingredients and it’s much better for your health. 3rd bonus : you’ll get instant benefit from that skill

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