Should I buy TSLA shares?

True. You could argue that the same thing happens when Intel makes a chip, tests it, and then they lock some threads on the less performing ones, but also on perfectly good ones, and sells them a i5 and i7. You could say “hey, I paid for that piece of silicon, why is it not fully activated?”. It’s just sometimes more economical to make one product, but nerf a batch of them, and sell it as two different products with two different prices, in order to reach a larger market. If company X gave heated seats to everyone without a premium, they would make less money, if they raised the price for everyone, that would make fewer people buy it.

Good question. I think it’s a matter of convenience and cost. So far, to rent a car, you need to sign the papers, pay a lot of money, and return the car as soon as youre finished, so that the next person can use it. You need to get to the rental place to get it. It’s just too much hassle and costs too much money to do this on a daily basis. But eg mobility, where you can access the cars around train stations is already a more appealing alternative. I think once you have the option to call an “uber” that will arrive in up to 5 min, day or night, and take you to the city for less than it costs with the SBB, then many people will ask themselves “why I should I even own a car?”.


Caveat: it can never be cheaper than the SBB (thanks God I have to tell).

Not even publibike is cheaper.

And ppl in CH don’t need a car to “go to the city” but rather to go skiing, hiking, visiting friends who live in Kt AG and so on. These are most of the time much less convenient/affordable than which is a “IKEA/moving car rental” service for most.