Should I buy TSLA shares?

There is a “Chinese Elon Musk” called “Yi Long Ma” on tiktok, don’t know if it’s not deep fake, but the guy looks like Elon’s twin brother.


I’m not invested in this stock but maybe it’s interesting for somebody.

I stumbled upon this chart, source: Lithium - 2022 Data - 2017-2021 Historical - 2023 Forecast - Price - Quote - Chart

If I remember correctly, Cathie Wood’s TSLA bull-case assumed that batteries keep getting cheaper. The price of lithium is up tenfold over the last two years. Presumably, these prices will come back down somewhat when there’s more mining output, but right now this probably hurts margin’s a lot.

And I’m not sure how much they can raise their prices, because I also read that lead times for Teslas have dropped significantly and you can now get certain models within weeks in some places. (I haven’t verified this)

Maybe it’s because of some new tax credits in 2023 and people are waiting for that, but who knows.