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Oh, I have been very careful to use terms implying that some very well paid jobs have a compensation in line with the also very high job requirement/drawbacks. I have no doubt that there are (many) well paid jobs where the compensation has nothing to do with the harshness of the work, that can be occupied by people absolutely not qualified for them. Also that there are a lot of low paying jobs where the pay doesn’t compensate at all for the harshness/drawbacks of the work.

Compensations at the highest levels of the corporate world and IT in big corporations have skyrocketed. Are the people doing it really worth multiples more than they would have been 40 years ago, while other people at other very hard and potentially very stressful with also high responsibilities jobs have seen only a fraction of that augmentation?

MrCheese’s job title makes me think that his falls in the former (high paying but pay in line with requirements), though I could be wrong, of course.

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Hi @Wolverine, that’s very true and I myself have this idealistic view of life where I sort of believe that the worth is not really there. Alas, life is not idealistic nor fair and if, as an individual, one seeks maximization of their well-being it’s an interesting proposition to get into those sorts of jobs.

Paradoxically what happens most of the time with getting into these jobs is one gets more autonomy in their work and that may counterbalance the ‘stress’ side. There’s many high earners on fat fire forums sharing the stress and load of their daily jobs and often it’s way less then one would think.

But as someone already said, this is an interesting discussion that would warrant it’s own thread.

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Hi TeaCup,

I like these ideas! Any advise how to get these skills? Books, ressources, coaches, setting goals,… Or just practice and learn it the hard way.



I see that there are quite a few members of the forum that are working in the academic sector. In Switzerland the salaries for junior positions (anything before privat docent to my knowledge) are dictated by salary scales specific to the canton you work in.

Despite that, did any of you manage to negotiate financial perks like the employer participating in paying the costs of a SBB GA or anything of the sort? That could be a way of increasing salary progression while following the official scale.