Share your donation progression

Inspired by the Share your net worth progression thread.

It would be interesting to see where others donate to and why!

I’ll go first:

  • 2023: CHF 2’000 to effektiv spenden’s animal welfare fund
    • It’s a German organisation but they have tax-deductible funds for Switzerland
    • In the past the money of the fund I chose went to
      • Good Food Institute: They work on developing and marketing meat alternatives.
      • The Humane League: Work on policy advocacy for higher animal welfare standards
    • I chose this fund because I think suffering in conventional animal agriculture is one of the biggest problems of our time and gets relatively little attention
    • I was planning on donating 3x this but I procrastinated too long and could only move CHF 2’000 in time for the 2023 tax year.

Looking forward to where others donate to! :slight_smile:


Great topic, thanks!

Donated CHF 784 to the Red Cross and Caritas, could still do better.

I also shop second hand at Emmaus, Salvation Army and CSP Vaud so it’s also a way to help others.

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Do you claim tax deduction on your donations? I never kept receipts and not sure of the rules for donations. I remember looking at it once and it seemed that only certain organisations were eligible for tax deduction (at least under Basel Land rules).

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I’m trying to use all the gift matching allowance from my employer every year (high Xk CHF).

Split between: Against Malaria Foundation, MSF, Caritas Zürich

I do, you typically need receipt above a few hundred CHF.


For small amounts no bill is usually needed. If you for example donate old clothes or furniture worth of 300 CHF to a charity, the estimated value of that non-financial donation is still tax deductible, although no bill can be presented.

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We bought a lifelong membership with paraplegiker foundation for my wife, my son and myself. This costs CHF 1,000.- per person, can be offset from taxes and is not only a donation but also an insurance.
It awards each patron with an accident-related spinal cord injury with permanent wheelchair dependency a patronage grant of CHF 250,000.