Search for partner for investment in real estate

After having invested in the stock market, in crypto, optimizing my expenses, creating a 3rd pillar, I would like to go to the next step to reach financial freedom by investing in a rental property in Switzerland. As you know, the equity is about 25% for a rental property and so for a 1 million property you need at least 250’000 CHF.
I am therefore looking for mustachians who would like to combine our equity and invest together in real estate. I am 26 years old and I live in Geneva

Do not hesitate to contact me if you are interested :wink:

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He is launching real estate market place where you can loan your cash or fund your real estate investment.

Did you find any profitable investment in Swiss real estate ?
There is another discussion on the matter.

A few banks offer 80% loans also for investment properties, one being BCGE.

yes the marketplace is great to find funds but I’d like to find partners and not paying marketplace fees to find them :wink:

good to know I will contact them, thanks !!