Save money using a subscription of apps ? I started with Setapp

Dear all,
two years ago I started to use Setapp. It’s an online yearly subscription to a large collection of apps / software. Instead of buying different apps, the subscription Setapp proposes a flat rate that allows you to use all the software affiliated to their collection. I did the math and instead of buying 3 different programs, I got them through Setapp suite and saved money. The platform also helps me to find new and useful apps. Here’s my short feedback until now:

The good:

  • they have an amazing collection of apps, well picked and accessible from their platform well organised by categories (including a personal finance category)
  • instead of buying separate apps, I have a single subscription that allows me to save money
  • the suite also has a family subscription that allows to run Setapp up to 4 computers
  • educational special discount rate

The bad:

  • once 1 app I was using got delisted (the company quitted setapp) so the only way to continue using it was buying it separately.
  • only available to Mac or iOS users

I’m sure all IT mustachians know it already :slight_smile: and certainly have other competitive or similar solutions.
Do you know or use any of these services or do you get your apps separately ?

I like the idea, but I quickly skimmed through their app list and I didn‘t see a single one that I would need and where there isn‘t a perfectly fine open source alternative for it. Which ones do you use?

Maybe it‘s just me though…

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I use Timing (allows me to track my time and separate by projects or tasks I did), Receipts (great to organise receipts by category and to fill tax related paperwork. I use Lens to scan and then send to Receipts. Most of the time, it recognises the amounts and adds it automatically)… and also Timeline, Downie… and from time to time Cleanmymac. I tried Pagico (nice potential) but Notion seems better to invest learning time. If you know (good :wink: ) open source alternatives, just let me know!

Ok, I yield :sweat_smile:

Guess I‘m not using enough programs to make it worthwhile. Other than Office (which is neither open source nor free but I have access through my employer), I use Firefox, VLC, Fiji/ImageJ, Inkscape and so on…

LibreOffice ( would be open source and free if you didn’t have access to Office through your employer.

I’d maybe pay for some proprietary software for which I get files I can’t change into a format I can read/use with my current software but usually, I’d rather change relationships/the way people can communicate with me rather than go to this extent. I’m a weird person, I know (using Linux).

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Is there any open source similar to YNAB? Or “mustachian” related?

The popular choice in the forum here is beancount.


I’m a big fan of beancount (and in general plain text accounting). Especially if you’re a coder this fit’s really well and with tools such as you also have some nice ui.

Besides this there are also various other open source solutions for accounting/budgeting e.g.


Thanks for the tips. I’ll check them!

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