Salt new internet offer

Has anyone seen the new offer from Salt? 49.90 for 10Gigabit internet + free phone and free tv (apple tv , probably using Zattoo).

I’d be interested to see how it goes, since it’s the cheapest offer available, even with slower internet connections.


10Gigabit!!! Where? I will move imidiately XD.

(I think you mean 10Mbit but 10Gbit would be awesome though)

No, he meant 10 gigabit

@ma0 Thanks for the tip. This offer looks really amazing. I have Salt Abo for 30 and additional Salt sim card for home internet for 10. A Salt customer could have this internet for just 40 CHF, so for me that would be just 30 CHF more than I pay now, for a much better internet. And Apple TV is a sweet cherry on the top. Right now I’m using Chromecast with my Macbook, but sometimes it has pretty annoying connection problems.

Unfortunately, it is not available at my address :frowning:

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Holy moly, where is the catch?

I hope they are not lying(I think so though)

It seems way to cheap, is this a promotion or something?

10Gbit. Best effort or whatever is called. It’s on fiber so I suppose it will be OK enough for everyone.
I don’t believe you’ll see the difference between 1Gbit or 10. I believe most of the people won’t see the difference between 50 and 100Mbit…

The catch is 99chf installation fee and 190 chf “fee” if you stop afer a month. That fee will go down 6chf per month (after 33month it will be free to cancel).

Side question: has anyone understood the TV packages? It seems like everyone should get the French one, especially if you speak italian, since they give only the basic channel in it.
That part is confusing.

Still, 100Mbit at WWZ for CHF35 is good enough for me.

No, there are three packages

Yes, read them.
The difference between IT and DE is +28 german channels. An italian should take the German one.
Between FR and DE there are other differences, but it’s not 100% clear which.
Or, better said, I have no idea what are the 28 german premium channels. :slight_smile:

Hi guys,

I was thinking of ditching my Sunrise 100Mbit at 55CHF for Salt 4G at 20CHF (to complement my mobile 4G unlimited at 20 CHF) like Bojack has and Salt came up with this fiber offer that seems to be very interesting (especially for Salt Mobile customers who get it for 40 CHF).

The only obvious “catch” I see for now is the cancellation fee + Activation fee.

  • Cancellation fee starts at 198 CHF and then decrease by 6 CHF per month. So it starts out as the equivalent of 4 or 5 months of service and decreases by a month every 7-8 months to be written off in 33 months. This seems like a pretty future-proof offer and excluding “life-changing” events, this shouldn’t be too much of an issue but it still is some money you’ll potentially owe for no good reason.
  • Activation fee is 99.95 CHF so 2-2.5 months of service. I don’t know how much an Apple TV is worth so it might be just buying it in a way (It has to be returned/payed off if cancelled in less than 12 months)

The less obvious “catch” that will probably not concern a lot of people is too see if we can opt out of the TV offers. I don’t have a TV, don’t intend to have one nor to watch TV content online and therefore I don’t pay for the TV Billag. This could change that.
I had quickly tried to fill the online subscription form and it seemed like there was a solution to have an explicit “No TV” option which could mitigate this. And if the new project of Billag for All that I’ve hear about comes to fruition this will be a moot point anyway.

Plan for me is to now call Sunrise to try to get them to offer me a lower price than Salt. Either discount the 100 Mbit or at least get me the 1 Gbit for 55 CHF or less (more expensive than Salt but it’s all in place already + easier cancellation and no activation + 10 Gbit over 1 Gbit is definitely a luxury for now).

I’ll then call Salt to confirm the “No TV” offer, maybe get a discount (unlikely) and potentially switch. Looks like I can still get an Apple TV for “free” if I select it but don’t select a TV offer.

I remember it as the box being advertised to be able to handle 10 Gbit/s and the offer to be for 1 Gbit/s for now but it seems like the marketing is for 10 now. Good news I guess.

I’ll keep you guys posted.

I don’t think it’s a promotion, it’s Xavier Niel trying to “disrupt” the ISP market like he did in France 15+ years ago.

The Apple TV device should be the reason they have the cancelation policy. If you try to buy the offer with 2 Apple TV devices, you’ll see the amount of the one time fee going up of around that amount.
The “no tv” seems to be weird from their side. Are you sure? They need to give it away as a way to make more money later.

I suppose they calculated that no one really use 10gbit/s and whoever does it, either is doing something illegal or it’s temporary, so they have plenty of ways to play with the “10gbit/s card”.

The only reason to wait is to see if people see interruptions or other annoyances. You should check if they say their “uptime”. 99.5? or 99.95? (or better)

Last but not least: There is no Internet without Billag in Switzerland. You don’t pay it because they haven’t caught you and you don’t announce yourself.

I’d be really skeptical about the 10Gbps claim, I don’t think you’re likely to get anywhere near that bandwidth. I have a 1Gbps connection with init7 and I had to buy a new router that could handle the full bandwidth. Even then, you only really get it from their test server, I have yet to find a server on the web that can saturate the connection. Not even bittorrent manages to! Still, downloading 1 GB in under 60 seconds is plenty fast enough.

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For what it’s worth, I’m a huge fan of Init7.



I think the Activation fee reimbursement + high Cancellation fee at the beginning are to cover for the Apple TV yes.

This is what I interpret as “No TV”:

“I do not wish Salt TV”

They definitely have some contention measures for the bandwidth, I wouldn’t worry too much about it.

I’ll have a look to see what QoS they promise for the uptime.

I pay Billag for radio but not for TV
(as per:

Receiving devices include the following:

  • radios (including car radios), mobile phones with radio reception and computers (including tablets) with internet access, television and/or TV-Box with integrated radio reception
  • televisions, mobile phones with television reception and computers (including tablets) with internet access, insofar as you have an account (even if it’s for free) with an internet television provider


Well, the law changed:

I’m gonna post on the Billag post for more info.

Starting in 2019 yes:

Has anyone contracted Salt Fiber? Would be interesting to hear what the setup experience was, any other observations, and if the speed is actually good, hopefully at least 1 Gbps.

guys you know that you need a LAN that is 10 Gbit capable to actually take advantage of the speed, otherwise you will be paying for 10gbit pipe but will be able to use 1Gbit max (because of hardware limitations)

Perfect for somebody waiting for an excuse to get (more) 10gbit gear XD.

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