Reka cash as easy 3-4% investment?

Hi everyone. I’m seeing everywhere the promotion for the reka rail cash 4% more reka cash for the money you spent (2500 chf for 2600 reka cash money max).
I’m planning to buy then and use them to pay for my GA/velopass / and other stuff. Should net me a couple of hundreds per year without much work…does anybody already leverage reka rail cash back?

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I never did that because i did not look ddep into it, but if i can get some % on my GA this way, that would be awesome!
according to this article it should work!

Yeah it should work I’m planning to profit from this action as much as I can…4% less for quite big “fix” expenses like GA are welcome

Sure it works. You can get:

  • Reka checks from COOP with a 3% discount if you have a Supercard (max. 1’000 francs).
  • Reka railchecks from Manor if you have their card (I guess there is a max. too) with a 4% discount.
  • Charge a RekaCard with money, with a 3% discount at some time in the year (you get an email from them informing you about it).

All details can be found here:

Personally I have a RekaCard, since I sometimes go on holiday with Reka. I use it not only to pay for the holiday but although to buy bus cards for my wife. I plan to use it again to pay my annual bus pass next spring.

Check on their site where you can use RailChecks, Reka checks and RekaCard.

Coop allow the “sale” of 3000chf per day. You can simply go in two different coops and buy your GA in no time.
I did it for several years.

Yes, I agree! This is really worthwhile, particularly if you use public transport regularly.
How to get it. I see that the Reka site has been translated to English. Here’s how to buy Reka money:
How to spend it:

Sounds very interesting.

What is the procedure to get Reka money & pay for a GA with it?

Get a Reka card
Charge it at a Coop (How exactly does that work?)
Paying at the SBB counter (Does it work for both monthly & annually or just the latter?)


It’s very easy. You go to Coop. Show your Coop Card to the Info booth and ask for the amount you want. You can’t ask more than 1000chf. Pay 970 and get 1000 monopoly looking money back. Repeat X times on different coop and you can go to your favorite Train Station and pay for your GA.
I did pay only the yearly one, but it should work with any.

Similar for manor. You go to customers service in December, pay with MyOne card of manor 2400 chf, you receive 2500 chf of monopoly looking related money. Go to sbb counter with GA bill and pay by unloading dozen of 200 chf packages on the counter. It is actually very satisfiying and funny to do that :wink:

Don’t forget to go with a Top Hat to the SBB counter :smiley:

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I’ll try & report back

I use Reka checks (note: not Reka Rail) which I buy at Coop at 3% off face value to pay for many things, not just SBB. For example, there are many restaurants, hotels, etc. which accept them - even Burger King (at least in Zurich). Many people selling second hand accept Reka checks or Reka Rail as payment. Their app makes it easy to find all merchants which accept them. It’s basically like getting 3% or 4% cash back on a big part of spending - which makes the best cash back credit card look miserly.

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well you can still buy reka checks with a cashback credit card.

Not that I know of…or have you found a way to do it? Coop only lets you pay cash or with a debit card and Manor only with their myone card. Do you know a way around that?

As far as getting more Reka checks for less, I know many companies (esp. government agencies) let employees buy Reka checks for 10% or even 20% off face value. Sadly, I don’t have any friends in such companies that could buy them for me. I have occassionally found such people selling them on classified sites for up to 10% off face value. They probably make a profit on them, but still saves me money.

I just payed with my amex card at coop.

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That’s good to know. Their T&Cs say cash or debit card, but the salespeople probably wouldn’t know. Did you buy the Reka checks along with groceries? I know Swisscard (like all other credit card issuers) excludes gift cards, vouchers and other cash-equivalents from cash back. But it would be interesting to see if you could trick that by buying Reka along with groceries (in which case it may book as a grocery transaction). I have to experiment with that.

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I only bought the reka checks. I did not know that they are supposed to not let you pay with a credit card.
It showed as a normal purchase on my card service.

Good to know. I’ll definitely give it a try.

Coop says no credit cards except their supercard in supermarkets and cash only at the Depositenkasse:

However I got 1.2k Reka this morning with my AmEx cashback card.

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Most of their employees probably don’t know those detailed T&Cs. What I am interested in knowing is whether anyone has confirmed cash back from the Amex Cashback for Reka check purchases. The Swisscard T&Cs don’t explicitly exclude Reka checks from Cashback, but cash equivalents are generally excluded.

The Amex Cashback has a 2% cash back promotion from tommorrow until Monday, which would mean 5% off in total - better than the 4% off Reka Rail at Manor. If the Amex cash back works, it might be the right time to buy my year’s supply of Reka checks.