Raiffeisen is changing conditions

At the moment I noticed only for Raiffeisen in Ticino. The cost are 60 CHF/pa if you don’t receive at least ~1200chf per month on it or if you don’t have 20k on 3a (not sure in which form).

Others Raiffeisens will follow?

(It’s still a good deal tbh)

Anyone noticed any other change?

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Are this conditions for members?

I think the flyer also exists in German, but I didn’t find it…

Raiffeisen has changed the conditions and benefits for members and members of the Member Plus program.

In order to receive all benefits as before (Member Plus program as named at Raiffeisen), you must be a member and either:

  1. Have a regular entry of at least CHF 1195.00 per banking relationship
  2. Have an account balance of CHF 20K invested in one of Raiffeisen’s products (3a, mortgage, investment, etc.).

If one or the other condition is not respected, member or not, it will be 60.- of account management fees.

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Same for Lugano. (check the 1st page)
Zurich doesn’t have that yet.

I don’t see anything like this in my Raiffeisen, and they just adjusted their conditions. Non-member account is 60 CHF per year, but for members it is free.

Though it seems local branches have some leeway. Mine puts the fees at CHF24/y for members (who don’t fulfill at least one of the criteria mentioned by kawansky). Non-members are still at CHF 60.

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Actually not, but other Kantons seems to have the same conditions, for example Neuchâtel.

I would not be surprised to see the same conditions extended to other large regions like Bern or Zurich…

They have adjusted the conditions certainly following the introduction of Visa and Mastercard debit cards (same thing in the Raiffeisen of my region which is systematically late in the communication compared to other regions…)

There is not onl that - they further replace Maestro/VPqy cards with Visa Debit; which now attract a CHF 50 fee vs the current CHF 40. personally, I am thinkingbof moving my „prime“ banking relationship over to Yuh.

I count it as a price of Museum Pass. Otherwise one doesn’t really need this card, can take an account card instead for cash withdrawals.

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Where ? I just lazily opened the link from kavansky and the cards are still the same. They have added some more (confusing) cards.


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Weisen Sie sich aus mit Ihrer persönlichen Maestro-Karte, V PAY-Karte, MasterCard oder Visa Card der Raiffeisenbank oder dem digitalen MemberPlus-Pass (verfügbar ab 1.7.2022) aus dem MemberPlus-Portal.

Hmm. :thinking:

V Pay and Maestro won’t be issued anymore and will be replaced by Visa/MasterCard Debit.

Ok. that’s annoying also because I didn’t go much to museums this year. Let’s see if it makes sense to keep the card.

I still believe it’s a good offer/platform, even if now the costs have aligned with other banks.

They offer a good platform online and on app, at least for ebanking. Everything else is probably too expensive compared to other new banks.

side note: I f… hate their site. It takes me too much to find their prices. (Other banks are worse I know)

Would they complain if I transfer 1200/month and then get them back later on?

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Good question. Maybe transfer 1201 and back 1200, so if they made an electronic check, you are still on the positive side. :slight_smile:

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They might require your salary to be coming into this account. Not clear from the description.

Why not just pay (e)bills with these money? You can even setup automatic payments.

Because of the hassle to re-configure bill.

The letter they sent says “private account with monthly income of at least 1195 (e.g., salary)”, looks to me like it does not have to be a salary (though I could also do that and then automatically transfer it back to my main account).

I was thinking of sending the 1200/month and then take them back every now and then, e.g., to pay taxes.
I did look at their funds, I couldn’t see anything with TER lower than 0.4something%.

I do it from time to time, it’s mustachian hell.

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I still have 3A with them, so I’m safe for now.
I’m interested in that 1200chf/month experiment you want to do.

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