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Hi folks,

As my contract is nearing it’s end and I am in the market for a new one I find it difficult to secure interviews. ( maybe not the greatest moment as many corporations have hiring freezes in place and companies that used to have 30-40 open roles (in Switzerland) this time last year, now only have a couple)

Most of the time I get those automated emails stating how great my skills are but the company will not go forward with my application :smile:

I changed 5 jobs in the last 5 years, I constantly update and tweak my CV. I had a good impression about my CV and I do consider it to be above average just because of the amount of time I spent on it and used many recommendations about how to make it stand out.

That being said, my question is, has anyone paid a company to edit their CV ?
If so, can you recommend any ? Did their work improve your odds of landing a job ?
Any feedback on the topic is appreciated.

On my side, I just got some free feedback on my CV and of course the option to buy their service from a company called TopCV
Also, I remember one of my managers in Ireland did recommend me a company about 5 years ago. He said he personally got his CV redone by them and was happy with the results. It was about 100 Euros at that time
Looking forward to your comments

Sounds fishy to be honest. How is it possible to rewrite your CV if they didn’t know what you did at your past jobs?

I have the feeling this is just a service that adds a lot of cringy bullshit bingo words to your CV.

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After payment they say communication is via email or phone for an extra fee.
Ofc it’s keywords they add to the CV, it’s the kind of keywords companies are looking for.
I can consider this as a personal marketing cost if you will
You can go on the main page and drop your CV there.
They will do a free assessment and that’s as far as I got. The advice is sound

They are really expensive to just upgrade your CV… I think that you will have more usefull advise by asking the Unemployment services if you are there. Otherwise, just contact some friends of yours that are currently looking for a new job or have special skills in this field. I’ll never paid hundred of francs to just upgrade my CV :sweat_smile:

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I would also not recommend spending your money on such a service.

I’m more on the other side, having to read CVs. What I can recommend is to try to make it easier for whoever is reading the CV to get the important information out of it. You should always customize the CV for the job your applying to and highlight the stuff that is asked by the job opening. That makes it a lot easier to see if it’s a match or not and worth a lot more than any generic “shiny” CV.

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I think this thread might be relevant to you: CV writing services

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You need to own your CV, so the best is to go through your experiences, reflect on them and auto-interview yourself through it. Then, you need to find a right template which you can find tons just by google it or via Linkedin with the CV generator.

CV services can be good or bad, but for sure they tend to make money.

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