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I’ve been with the same organisation for more then 10 years, slowly progressing with promotions, increased responsibility etc. I’ve been able to gain experience in different areas and contexts. I’m starting to reach a stage where I don’t have further to go and seriously think that the time has come for me to look elsewhere.

My question is connected to looking for a new role. I’m finding some interesting jobs advertised that I think I would be a good match for, but know that my CV doesn’t always reflect the skills I have or adequately describe my achievements.

Writing is not my strongest point and I’m interested to hear your thoughts on whether it’s worth paying one of the CV writing services (e.g. TopCV, CV writers, Top Resume etc) and, if yes, which one would you recommend.

My experience from the past years is: just continually keep improving it. Even as you apply to positions. any external “expert” could not describe you in a way you could.

there are plenty of free resources about this, but it always boils down to

  • have a consistent layout that is compact, well structured, and a recruiter can quickly get an overview or find stuff.
  • zero spelling/ grammar mistakes. Have friends (in best case native english/german/swiss speakers) proof read it
  • work all the relevant buzzwords into the CV, while integrating them in a decent flow for the reader
  • for each serious application, you can spend 1-2 hours fine-tuning the CV to that position.

there are diverging opinions whether it is important to condense the CV or make it more exhaustive. I use Latex for it, as it generally has a nice appearance. after you made 5 applications or so, you start getting a feeling for your CV. then it gets much easier. get started now :slight_smile:

[edit] and of course, ask you friends/ peers if you can have a look at their CVs. you get a lot of inspiration from that for your own. like a feature? use it for your CV! like the structure? use it in your CV!

[edit2] during my time at ETH I attended plenty of “how to write your CV” events. the first time i learned basically the above points and some minor stuff. any other event would not add to the quality of my CV.


I have a standard CV I keep updateting since years. Basically it looks pretty boring. Recently I came across these templates: they where introduced to me in this video: this might be a inspiration for you.

I just use

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I don’t know what’s your job/goal, but the more you go up, the more you need to be able/good in writing. I’d suggest you to use this “excuse” to improve your CV by yourself.

In what language do you apply? For German I found the book " Bewerben ist Werben" from Christoph Kühnhanss useful. It is funny and helps you to get the right mindset. You might get it from a library or buy it for around CHF 30.

If you are having issues writing a resume or a cover letter (european or american style CV), I would like to offer my services. I am an American and have helped many people correct their resumes using the STAR method (situation, task, action, result) and adding hard numbers to your bullet points. Last year I assisted my friend in cutting his resume from 4 pages to 2 pages and getting into Oxford Business School. Also, I have worked with my Swiss wife for her current position in Zurich, as well as tweak my own resume (both european and American CVs) to get a new sales position in Zurich. I am also well versed in Linkedin accounts. I am looking to help others and form a small business around my resume consulting expertise. If you would like to discuss some options on how I can help you please reach out at Look forward to helping you.

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