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Hi all, I was reading various threads but decided to open a new one with more details on the situation.

Wife has chf 100k in various ETFs at UBS. I finally managed to convince her that fees are crazy not only for custody but individual purchases.

She knows a little about investing but whatever happens to me I d feel more comfortable she uses Swiss based platform and I was thinking of PF.

There is one option of myself moving funds from IB to her PF

Or other option about herself buying directly on PF. We are talking about 5k/2 months or 7.5k/3 months. This frequency. Given her lower financial market experience, I am inclined to recommend she continues to buy VWRA rather than VT to avoid any US domiciled issues if I am gone.

Regarding UBS, we will liquidate thematic funds/ETFs after planned horizon and move them to PF afterwards.

I know IB is best and no comparison. However, considering this amount and wife preference / easiness for PF, do you think it’s such a bad deal PF or acceptable in your view?

Thanks a lot for any support

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I think PF, SwissQuote and CornerTrader are all good options.


Also, if you don’t have already an E-Trading account, there is a promotion from PF about it: E-trading | PostFinance

Like @Cortana said, PF, Swissquote and CornerTrader are good option if you want to take a swiss broker.


Let me add TradeDirect to that list. Fair prices and BCV is behind that service. Also, Swissquote is behind E-Trading.


Damn it, I just opened e-trading on friday and bought some VWRL. Wonder if I can still qualify for this benefit.

By the way, I think I should simplify my broker setup and maybe close CT. PF is more expensive but also more convenient.

If you open an e-trading account by 30 June 2021, we will give you 500 trading credits (worth 500 francs) for securities transactions.

I think that you can claim it if you opened it this year :slight_smile:

You’re always doing stuff at the wrong moment :stuck_out_tongue:


Do you think they include any ETF in the security transaction definition?
Any deadline to use these 500?

The ones you get in the beginning of the year are valid for 1 year, if I remember correctly. Not sure how it is with the promo credits

You have until the 31st december 2021 to use it :wink: And you can have it if you opened an E-Trading account before the 30th June 2021.

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Look who’s talking! :smiley: :wink:

Btw how are you? Fully recovered? :crossed_fingers: :+1:


Are you planning for an early Stevexit? Divorcing her anytime soon, that is? :thinking:

Otherwise, I think you got it just wrong:

In that case I’d be more concerned with what you are using.

If your wife dies, it’s you who has to sort out the tax issues. And you don’t seem to mind that.
If you die first, on the other hand, your less financially inclined wife will be stuck with your estate of U.S.-based funds and have to sort out the tax reporting to Uncle Sam.

So shouldn’t your wife buy as much VT as she can?
And you on the other hand resort to less complicated UCITS funds?

Closing her own IBKR is probably rather straightforward - compared to the issues arising from inheriting your account in the event of your untimely early death.


Thank you all for the feedback!

@San_Francisco, you actually have a very good point. Thank you!

I need to give some more thought to this point.

My original game plan was to have 2-3 brokers and once we hit the jackpot, simplify a little such as 0.5-1mil VT in IB and the big part in a Swiss custodian (maybe negotiating a little if we talk 3-5mil). Edit: at Swiss custodian I would leave bonds/Swiss ETFs/ EU-domicilied ETF.

However, death does not always ring you before it gets here :frowning: …

Excellent points!

Has anyone ever given a thread to « Estate Planning » ? I know we are all more interested in enjoying FIRE but a proper exit plan for our family to follow is probably worth all the time and energy invested (literally) to build the FI. After all, if i am not here to enjoy it, i hope they will enjoy it wisely.

Hypothetically, probably not so difficult to instruct the exécuter of the will/testament on how you’d LIKE things done but in the end if my wife and kids say « now » the funds will get sold anyway and perhaps not in the most tax efficent way. So better to have it explanined to them in advance as in their interest :wink:

@SteveDB You seem to be a few years ahead of me on investments but thank you for your post! I’m also with PF since mid last year and pleased with my choice so far (same promotion). The whole « after me » question was the deciding factor for PF (swiss broker) since i wanted convenience for my onboarding but also for pragmatism covering the hopefully distant eventuality that i die before transferring to IB. But hadnt thought on it past that since…

Thanks to @San_Francisco ´s post, i think you’ll both have me thinking a while as to whats best in that aspect and leaving in PF in the meantime (delaying slightly my planned transfer to IB until I’m a bit more clear on implications for estate planning, obviously without being over conservative or dramatic about it)…

Why so many people are loving PF when we know they just use SQ ? Why not go with SQ directly?


I think it is because they already have a PF Account as main account and it is really easy to transfer your money from your personnal account to the E-Trading account. Also, in order to open an E-Trading account to PF, you have to have a PF Account… So, that’s probably one of the reason, and I can’t argue against as I was thinking to do the same few weeks before.


I have a PF bank account. I opened E-Trading with a few clicks, transferred the money and withing 5 minutes I purchased some VWRL. Then I see my portfolio in browser and the mobile app. This is simple convenience. Also, for buy and hold investors, PF is cheaper than SQ. If you don’t have PF account, go with SQ, no problem about that.

I’d say for beginner investors from CH, it’s best to start with PF/SQ/CT and only open IB once you’ve accumulated some 500k (or somewhere around that number), in order to spread the broker risk.


That’s why i use PF for buy & hold (with more than 25k invested the postkonto plus is also free)

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Oh PF is cheaper than SQ for buy and hold? I thought PF is 90chf/y and SQ max 60chf/y

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