Postfinance increases fees for Giro


I start to believe that once/if I will stop using PF, I might stick with Raiffeisen for their Free Pass to museums and other events. I don’t want to become a superfrugal guy and give up some of the nice things in life. For 40chf per year, a free pass for museum is a nice add-on.


Anybody knows if theres a full list of their benefits? I guess I saw on a few mountain lifts that their customers have a reduction. So maybe if you’re an active tourist within Switzerland, it is worth it.


About memberplus:
I didn’t find on the homepage the page about museums (am I blind or something?)


So basically I go twice to Engelberg for 39 instead of 65 and that’s it, I got this Maestro paid off. That looks really interesting.


also have a look at various raiffeisenbanks around you. I’m not sure if you can pick which one you sign up with, but I’ve noticed some differences between some of them.


One additional advantage I found out about Reiffaisen (at least Geneva one) is that they allow you to invest between 200 CHF and 10000 CHF to become a member, and the current “interest payment” on this amount is 2.5%


the reiffaisen one looks indeed like a good deal. will check it out after being inspired by all of you in this forum and on this particular thread. we just received the letters from postfinance today…


Each Raiffeisen might have a bit different conditions and rules.

I had a meeting with Raiffeisen Genève Ouest today, and they refused to open an account for me (because I have Permit L), on the way back home I passed by another branch - Raiffeisen Versoix (still in Geneva, 200m away), and they said there is no problem with Permit L.


permit L ? is it the short term one?


Yes, “up to 1 year”. Geneva gave me this one for the 3rd time in a row… Have to renew it every year :frowning:
And I used to have B (for 4 years) before in Vaud.


I’m trying out Zak, opening the account went smooth and they gave me 50 chf. I’m thinking on closing postfinance in January and keeping Zak while keeping my eye open for other options


FYI - To avoid all fees from PF you have to close your accounts before end of the year (I asked PF about it).


would somebody open a wiki post and sumarizethe the findings of this thread?
i mean its worthless like this now


I can report back on Credit Agricole Suisse (

  • the customer service was very nice, helpful, all in English (10/10)
  • the e-banking system is the worst I have ever seen in my life :slight_smile: (0/10)
    • e-banking password cannot have more than 8 characters !!! special characters are not allowed !!!
    • e-banking login additional security - a one-time passwords sent by post in advance, no SMS confirmation, no app confirmations. If I decided to login to e-banking too often, they will have to send me a new one-time pass card every week…
    • e-banking looks like from 80’s, and after the first login there were already errors showing…
  • the Maestro card was actually a positive surprise - valid for 5 years, for free, all Swiss ATMs for free (10/10)
  • they charged me a fee wrongly to start with - will have to complain about it. (0/10)
  • saving accounts interest rate - one of the best I found in CH

Not sure I trust them with holding a lot of money, and to have all the accounts/cards free you need to keep 20k in total.

Wil try also Raiffeisen before making a final decision.


I agree with everything. Except that I am trusting them a lot of money.


How much is it afterwards? only 5 per month or do they introduce a cancelling fee?


Well, it should be fine. It’s just that it looks much less safe than other e-banking solutions…

It’s 5 or 12 CHF/month + additional fees if you reside abroad.
I’m not aware of any cancelation fees.


I also opened with ZAK and it was really easy and quick to open an account with them.
I like the App so far and they send me - additionally to the CHF 50 - an CHF 70 worth voucher for
Let’s see how my experience will be after a couple of months.


did you need to do something to get the microspot voucher? :slight_smile:


No they just sent it to me. They did not mention it during the sign in process so I was positively surprised. But I can’t tell you if they send it to everybody or if I just got somehow lucky.