Postfinance increases fees for Giro


As for myself and the wife, we are going to close our Postfinance accounts and move to the local Kantonalbank where fees are free if you hold more than 10’000.- Normal cash is counting not like Postfinance where you need shitty life insurance, expensive depot or other costly things for 25’000 to be fees free.
I must say they really pissed me off!


Can you mention which kantonalbank?


Sorry, in my case it’s the Vaud bank since… …I live there. You should check your local one as conditions differs from one to another.


I spoke to them on the phone and chatted with a rep, both said the accounts are without charge for CHF, EUR and USD accounts if you have more than 20k.

It looks super combined with a Revolut card as a Credit Card.


So the problem for me is just the ATM fee on non Kantonalbank ATMs…
Are also SEPA transfer free?


Not sure if you are asking about Kantonalbank or CA-Nextbank, for Nextbank both of those are free (i.e. ATM withdrawals in Switzerland from other banks and SEPA transfers in EUR) as long as you have at least 20k CHF on any account.


and Maestro for 3 years is for free in this case.


CA Nextbank doesn’t seam to support e-bill. Might be e deal-breaker for some. Free options with E-Bill are

  • BCV (from 10k, free withdrawal at KB, 1x free withdrawal per month at non KB, from 50k unlimited free withdrawal)
  • SZKB (from 25k, free withdrawal only at KB)

ZAK and Neon also do not support e-Bill yet.


What is e-bill and why it might be a deal breaker?


I’m surprised you don’t know. You register a running contract with phone, internet, electricity, health insurance company, then each time they send you a bill, you find it in your e-banking together with the PDF and you can pay with a single click. It’s like direct debit (LSV), but you have control before they take money from your account.

I pay all my bills like this.


God Damn! I haven’t heard about this. I need to start using this. I have only LSV for my health insurance, otherwise, I pay everything by hand.


BCV seems to be the best at the moment. At least if you have 50k.
I don’t see any detailed info (even in french) about a possible second account in EUR (with or without card) and the cost of SEPA transfers.

If only Revolut had a chf account…


50k CHF while their best saving account is 0.025%/year ?
vs. CA next Bank (0.2%-0.5%-1.0%) is a lot of missed interests…
Somewhere between 87,50 and 260 CHF lost per year on the interests alone…


CA doesn’t have ebill and withdrawal are not free if I remember correctly.


No e-bill: true
but withdrawals are free in all ATMs in Switzerland, and the Maestro is free for 3 first years, than 30 CHF for another 3 years.

But don’t get me wrong, I’m not advertising them, as I just became their client this week, so no idea yet how this will work out :slight_smile:


For EUR accounts (and card) you can just use Revolut (+TW if needed), it is for sure cheaper than any option available in a Swiss bank, if you don’t withdraw too much EUR from ATMs but instead use the card to pay in shops or do SEPA transfers.

If anybody needs a Revolut account, I will be happy to help you get the first physical card for free (instead of 6 CHF) lowering the total cost of setting up and using R to 0. Just send me a private msg on the forum before creating your account.


I got my revolut card for free even if the site said it costs. The thing I don’t have is a second virtual cc.

Isn’t that using TW to transfer to Revolut costs money now?


Probably you got lucky with the time-limited offer :+1:

The transfer from TW to R will cost money, but you can ask for a TW debit card (free) and use it to top-up Revolut for free :slight_smile: (there is a 250CHF/day limit at the beginning but the limit is removed after a week or so)


ooh. you are the same karol on Revolut’s forums :slight_smile:


If ATMs are your problem, then why not combine your Kantonalbank with neon? Basically their only pro is free Maestro and 2x free withdrawals per month.