Postfinance discontinues e-cockpit

As per title. On the 11.2.2022.

Are they slowly losing their “hedge” ? Cost more, with less services?

It’s weird. I wonder how much it costed them to support it.

I found it quite clunky and lagging behind some modern options. Not sure if it was an external provider. For sure for some of the other banks it’s an external plug-and-play module.

That being said, and maybe I’m a contrarian, I enjoy PostFinance’s digital services. I like the site, I love the (new) app. Simple things like sharing a PDF with a QR-bill through the Android sharing menu and voilà, the bill is paid! Or putting it in front of my webcam if using the website and it gets read instantly. Not to mention that the EUR account is free, and that you can withdraw for free (with the card) and deposif for free (at the counter) your EUR bills.

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Can you use the app just to send bills to the account without being able to pay from it? I would like to be able to scan bills but I don’t want the risk involved in having full access rights on an app.

It used to be the case that you could just scan with the phone and then validate on the website. I think nowadays the app only works if you give it full access.

You can however upload PDFs or images to the website and also use the webcam like I mentioned.

So they removed another feature?

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Maybe, indeed :smiley::smiley:


I always hated it (20 chars)

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I really like the cockpit option.
In fact, I have my finances there since 2014.
Extremely easy to see your finances (yearly, monthly)

They will discontinue everything or only the budgeting part…

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One of the reasons I want to shift back to postfinance from CA (+ the great service network since there are post offices nearly everywhere).

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