Pensionfund for own GmbH- no Vested Benefits transfer

Dear all,

I do have my own GmbH as a side business that I use to provide consulting services. I now would like to join a pension fund that offers reasonable fees and allows me to keep my vested benefits with a third party provider, such as VIAC/Finpension.
Reason being that the management fees of pension funds typically are significantly higher than what platforms such as VIAC/Finpension charge.

Any recommendations you can make?
Your support is very much appreciated.


Why do you want to join a pension fund?

I somehow doubt that any pension fund will allow you to use your own vested benefits account and have low fees, the risk for them would be way too high.

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From a legal perspective I am employed by my own GmbH. As I pay myself a salary of more than CHF 22’050.- my GmbH must join a pension fund.

Some pension funds differentiate between the risk part (where you pay an annual insurance fee instead) and the savings part and therefore allow you to keep the vested benefits account separately.

I had an offer from a pension fund earlier in the year where they were offering me such a model.
They however have changed as of next year their model and don’t offer this anymore (it is significantly less attractive for them as they charge you in the average 0.6% on the vested amount as a management feed what I exactly want to prevent from happening).

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Finpension also charges 0.49% fee for management of vested benefits account (beyond the mutual fund fee itself). So the fee of 0.6% is not much different. Of course in Finepension/VIAC you are likely looking to choose your own portfolio of funds.

If you already pay yourself a sizable salary, have a look at my post here: Get higher returns on 2. pillar, employ yourself - #21 by Helix

It contains providers that give you very high allocation to stocks. I think Gemini also gave a rather high level of control.

I thought about binding all my second pillar money to a provider where I will get decent returns. That legally keeps it out of reach from other employers’ providers.

As vested benefit accounts can have sizeable amounts this can be several thousand CHF per year. If you add this up over some years it is worth the effort.

Thank you! Will have a look at it.

Then we are talking multiple millions. For 1 mio. It would be exactly CHF 1’100 difference.