Paying any bill with Swisscard cashback creditcard

Hi All,

I am now possessing two creditcards from Swisscard, 1 AMEX and 1 Mastercard, both with cashback benefit (AMEX = 1% adn Mastercard = 0.25%)

From the online app or online login to Swisscard portal, I see that I cannot order any payment.
I understand that physical credit cards are used mostly to pay with with POS of physical shops or online purchases, though I want to use them also to pay my bills.

In particular:

  • rent monthly: I don’t have a bill but just the owner IBAN and I woudl like to make the payment with the creditcard
  • car leasing: I have 1 bill to set up a standing order monthly to AMAG Leasing.
  • CSS health insurance.
  • Yallo monthly invoice for mobile service.
  • on demand bills (e.g. Electricity, Billag, garbage tax, etc.).

Any suggestions how I can achieve that?

Many thanks in advance!


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