Paying QR bill with Credit Cards

Hello fellow mustachians,
I wanted to buy something from a shop. I could have used my credit card ( cashback amex cards of course), but i forgot to get them. Owner agreed that I need to pay them only later once delivery is done and he sent the Qr bill by email to me.

Now , had I payed the amount in the shop using credit cards, i would have got some cashback points.
If I pay via QR bill, I assume money directly goes from my bank account ( as domestic payment ).

Question is can I pay the Qr bill via “some app” which uses my credit card details…

I would also like to extra polate this scneario to understand , can I pay my taxes, other bills which are being sent as QR bill to be payed “somehow” using my credit card ?

You can, see but there’s a fee.

Basically no. The closest thing I know: you can use Visa/Mastercard as a source of funds for Twint.

And for Google wallet etc. of course.

With 2.5% to 3% of fee it’s probably above the cashback so a regular payment is more advantageous.


AFAIK, no Swiss credit card issuers reward you for purchases of cash equivalalents. That is pretty standard everywhere in the world. So you won’t earn rewards for purchases from Credibill, Revolut, stock brokers, lotteries, etc.

If you simply need to pay a bill (but not get rewarded for it), that only makes sense if you have the Migros Cumulus credit card. In that case you could withdraw the cash for free at a Migros and use it to pay your bill. No cash advance fee, no interest (if you pay your card bill in full at the end of the month).

Sonect is a paid-but-affordable way to get low-cost cash advances with other credit cards. Crediting Revolut used to be fee-free back when I used it, so that may be another option for cost-free cash advances.

Credibill is expensive. It only makes sense for people who have bills to pay but no cash on hand. But even then, a personal loan would work out cheaper than the combined Credibill fee and credit card interest (if they carry the balance).

Or you could just pay by bank transfer. No rewards, no cost, minimal time and effort.