Not good enough for Tax Advisor / Steuerberater?

I’d like to have my tax declaration challanged by an expert.
Today I called one in my neighborhood to make an appointment.
I asked for an hour of consultation, based on already having my tax declaration ready for submission. He replied:
“I dont offer this; such a mandate isnt worth it. I can do the whole declaration for you.”
“Could you recommend one of your colleagues?”
“No, I dont know anyone who offers this. These advisors do exist, but I dont know any.”
“Thanks & bye”

Anyone here knows a tax advisor in ZH that offers an hour of consultation?^^

Don’t know any one, but you can find some online (googling for “Steueroptimierung“ or „Steuererklärung prüfen lassen“), eg:

The person mentions around 2 hours to check your tax return at a rate of CHF 190 per hour. I don’t know her, so no clue what you can expect. In the best case you get good advice that may save you taxes also in the future. In the worst case you lose ~400 CHF…

Personally, do not use such services. In case of specific questions I approach the tax authorities which have been very patient with me over the years :slight_smile:


For reference, I went to a fiduciary in Geneva canton that analyse the taxes I’ve filed and documents attached for 160 chf in 2021.
He spent maybe 30-60 minutes analysing it then we met for 30 minutes the week after.
He gave me 2 tips I could have found on the forum for the transportation and lunches deduction that saved me 500 chf in taxes.

It can help you spot mistakes.

If its all taxes for income within Switzerland, querying tax office on attempted additional deductions and similar is likely best way forward. Not in the business, but I can’t imagine working from scratch to review and correct and consult is not realistic under 2-3 hours, especially without seeing how much material you truly have to review.

I have worked with Deloris, when taxing three different countries, different residence and two incomes, plus real estate etc. Consultation was ~280 for the usual 45-50min few years back on some addtional matters and advice, I found them excellent. Including foreign advise. Contact and initial consultation with 3 other companies were not so successful. But that was international tax law.

What you can also do is let a renowed tax company - I’d not do Big4, they wont care about low NW individual and pawn you off to their most junior associate most likely. Let some good tax company do your declaration, in the end you pay 4-500 for it and calk it up as review + learning. And in year2 you can do same things yourself, without their help. If they are terrible, well, sometimes the market drops your equities, too. All depends on how much income is declared, tax paid and ‘special’ conditions to write things off.

Any good worth advisor in Basel area?

I would just try another random advisor.

I had 1hr consultations from 2 different random advisors, they had no issue with this.

ZKB offers the service, I was really happy with it. Like they check your declaration and give you hints. You can also choose to let them do it. (no affiliation or anything btw)

What were the fees like at ZKB for this?

Das Honorar beträgt für ein 40-minütiges Beratungsgespräch mit unseren Expertinnen und Experten pauschal CHF 180.–, zuzüglich Mehrwertsteuer. [1]

Das Mindesthonorar für die Erstellung der Steuererklärung beträgt CHF 500.– ohne Eigenheim resp. CHF 650.– mit Eigenheim, zuzüglich Mehrwertsteuer. Gerne unterbreiten wir Ihnen eine individuelle Offerte. [2]

[1] Kontrolle Ihrer Steuererklärung und nützliche Steuertipps
[2] Steuermandat: Wir füllen Ihre Steuererklärung aus


This year, I had my tax declaration checked for the first time, and I was really pleased with the process. Everything was handled online, and I was impressed by the valuable tips and the value for money.
I’m thinking about having PBL Consulting GmbH fill out my tax declaration next year.

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For those who successfully got their declarations checked by professionals, did they find any mistakes or missing deductions that ended up saving you taxes? If you can share, what were they?
(Basically, anything that we could look out for in our own declarations)


In my case, they simply knew a few tricks (work expenses - not an annual subscription but 12 monthly subscriptions, home office, donations, asset management costs, medical expenses) - because otherwise, I’m probably too honest. Some tax offices probably don’t scrutinize certain items in the same way as others. In the end, I could probably have achieved similar results after hours of research. So it was easier and more convenient because I trust the expertise of professionals. Nevertheless, it would still be advisable to have an expert fill out one year’s tax declaration to serve as a template. I spent nearly 2 hours filling out the tax return and half an hour reviewing it with an expert.


How much was the cost of reviewing it with this firma?

What do you mean by not an annual subscription but 12 monthly?

The cost of reviewing the declaration was CHF 75 for half an hour and CHF 150 per hour according to the invoice.

I went to a fiduciary in Vaud to check my income declaration last year. Took 30min/80chf or so for him to tell me that I did everything right and there’s nothing more I can do to save on taxes since I don’t own real estate.

Not very useful, but at least I feel more confident now. I have a pretty standard situation : married, both full time jobs, deduct meals/transports/3rd pillar. Only tricky part is the stocks, but it’s just VT/VOO so at the end with all the help on this blog and forum it’s not that bad.

I won’t use a fiduciary again until I have either real estate or maybe kids.


I have always deducted the costs for an annual subscription and not the price for the 12-month route subscription (SBB).

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I’d also be interested in what they advised about these points :slightly_smiling_face:

I have always deducted the costs for an annual subscription and not the price for the 12-month route subscription (SBB).

I thought you are supposed to deduct what you bought:

  • You bought 12 monthly subscriptions → you deduct monthly subscription cost x 12
  • You bought 1 yearly subscription → you deduct a single yearly subscription cost

I don’t see how you can do otherwise, because if you bought the yearly, but declared the 12x monthly and they ask the proof / receipt you won’t have it.

Or maybe I’m wrong :slight_smile:

Home office - I was simply too honest, they reassured me that I wouldn’t get into trouble if I didn’t accurately report the home office days (based on my documents)

Donations - Apparently, certain cantons only actively inquire about donations over XX Fr.

Asset management - For certain assets, they recommended flat asset management fees to me.

Medical expenses - I have submitted the detailed breakdown of medical expenses from the health insurance each time; more items = higher potential not to be granted.