Not good enough for Tax Advisor / Steuerberater?

That’s exactly what I thought too - but it’s not the case.

Thank you, @Lulatsch

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Concluding my opening statement, I went to ZKB for a Tax Advisory session. It is CHF 180 + VAT.

I was counseled by a professional tax advisor, which was a very good experience.

Due to this session, I learned the following, for a Cty-of-Zurich residence:

  • besides the CHF 700 for the bicycle, I can additionally put the public transport abo for my commute, CHF 1050 (12x one month of zone 110) without receipt due to “reasonableness” of my home and office address. There is a chance that one of the two will be struck down, but likely not. Saves me CHF 0-300
  • “Klein/ Gassenspenden” of CHF 500 are accepted without receipt => CHF 160 savings
  • I received a small inheritance from an uncle. Accounting for having owned this only for a fraction of the full year => saves me CHF 1.80 in wealth tax (:laughing: )
  • i have now certainty that declaring a home office situation will not go through, and if it did, I would be much worse off
  • Given IB’s very detailed report on trades, dividends and witholding, the advisor said “you can compress this into one line in your DA-1, and just supply the detailed broker’s report. that works.”

Overall I expect to have a ~230% return on investment, not counting my time, and I learned a few interesting facts. Among that my tax declaration was quite good to start with :smiley:


Thank you for sharing, always good to have these things (officially) confirmed!

500 for Gassenspenden?

I read a different value all the time. Many say 200 and many are saying 300. First time I read 500.

Can you confirm 500 for ZH?

Oh, so wealth tax is prorated with the portion of the year you’ve held the wealth?
At least in Vaud, they ask for the state of your accounts on December 31st, and so I always thought that whatever you had at that date is what matters?

Just found out that Kanton Aargau was not happy with this… (just got it back). They “corrected” it to come to the same result

@Patirou , sorry, I don’t understand what Aargau wasn’t happy about, and how did they correct it?

@rolandinho they were not happy with the one line US-depot in the DA-1. They want every position separately listened. (for instance VTI and VXUS on two different lines instead of being compressed into one “US-depot”).

I hope it is more clear.

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I always put 4x100 in my AG tax declaration and it works.

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