Dear all,
I’d like to collect ideas on where to put money if you’d want to use that money in xx years. please reflect the current (Q1 2018) situation. I rmember things were mentioned here and there, but this would ideally become a comprehensive list at some point :slight_smile:

0-1 years

checkings accounts

savings accounts

money market

stacking discounted consumer goods 0-50%, risk of increased usage because of availability

Buying discountef reka-money for GA 0-4%

1-2 years

savings accounts

  • check the list from the consumer-magazin k-tipp for interest rates
    I don’t know why they do not include the CA Energy savings account from CA Nextbank which yields 0.5% (t&c apply)

2-5 years

5-10 years

  • real estate

10-30 years

  • stocks
  • real estate

30+ years

  • stocks
  • real estate


If you have children you might go with a savings account for young people.
They have better interest rates, usually up to defined amounts (like 25k) and you are limited with disinvesting, so you have to check carefully the conditions.

Have a look here:

CS seems to offer 1%…


3d pillar with something like 0.6% might be an option if you don’t want to risk and don’t mind money being blocked.


@mods @Julianek @_MP , can you turn this into a wiki post? thanks :slight_smile:

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at the moment, CA nextbank has an offer where they give 1% (p.a.) for the first 6 months and then convert it to a savings account with 0.2%
not so much strings attached (read the fine print below):


As I said elsewhere, check coop’s own internal bank.
0.25% to 0.8%

CS Viva accounts are good if you are a student, but you can move only 10k CHF per year. Closing it is free though.


As I said elsewhere, check coop’s own internal bank.
0.25% to 0.8%

I would just like to remind the community here that Coop’s Depositenkasse is NOT A BANK. It has no protection for the savings (as the banks have) in case of bankrupcy. I’m not talking about whether Coop will go bankrupt or they’re too big to fail, but if they do…


Yes, right.
But let’s be honest, if a cooperative like Coop goes bankrupt, I think we will have more serious issues elsewhere.

Of course don’t put all your eggs in one basket etc…


True. On the other hand, 20y ago a LOT of people handed their cash to Swissair.


Well. Are you really comparing them? One is a cooperative and the other is just a company. They are in different markets and one has to spend a lot of money on big iron planes while the other is probably not spending much anymore on new huge stuff (they do buy new trucks though).

You can’t really compare them.


No I am not. I try to say that unbelievable bankrupcies can and do happen.


Swissair was considered as a flying bank.
Maybe this could explain why they went broke.


Taxes, it’s 0.5% if paid in advance :slight_smile: (for swiss residents or C permit holder)


Right, just to highlight that the interest is different in each Canton.
In Vaud, it’s only 0.125%


CA Nextbank now has a Konto (CA Boost) where they pay 1% for the first 6 Months. (or until 31.7.18). Read the fine print if you plan to withdraw during this time.


collatoralized p2p lending


Peer to peer lending gives you between 7 - 12% per year. Minimum investment duration 2 month. Check: (Swiss Market)
And many many more…

I have good experience in all of tje three, but for sure it’s investment so there is risk involved, same as with etf/stock/real estate what ever.


I was hoping for more, when announced their expansion to Switzerland. The Hypothekarbank is below average: (scroll down until "Kassenobligationen)
(all the interests are below inflation)

@nugget you may want to include these two links in the section 2-5 years?