New meetup in Lausanne or Geneva?

Hey guys,

I’m new in this forum. I wonder if there are some people in the “Arc lémanique” region who meet regularly? It will be great to have such a meeting once every quarter or so…

Let me know.


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approve and looking forward for more answers

You can count me in!

I would be in as well

I am in! Do we already have a date?

I’m in too (as soon as the situation is better) :slight_smile:

You can count me in too!

Yes would be motivated too, Lausanne would be better for me but GVA okay too.
We’ll have to wait for relaxation of the restrictions I guess

I would be pleased to meet you. Both Geneva or Lausanne are good, but Lausanne would be better.

Same here, Lausanne would be better too.

I would join as well (Lausanne would be better for me)

Would be interested also in Gva after covid ends

I would be interested as well!

I would be interested too, preferably in Geneva but Lausanne is fine

Voting for Lausanne too here…

Lausanne or Geneva are both good for me as well !

Hi, did the meetup ever happened? Thankyou

Hi! is there anyone who want to organise a new meetup this summer? Somewhere in Suisse romande


Let’s try to organise this event, I’m not saying that I will do it, but at least we can start something by choosing where and when mustachian will be available.

Where: Doodle | Mustachian Meeting location

When: Doodle | Mustachian Meeting Date


Quick update after 4 days, it’s seems that Lausanne is ahead for 1 vote, I will wait until next monday to lock the location meeting and then we will have to choose the date, for now, it seems to be the 15th of August :slight_smile:

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