New free SwissCard Cashback Card and Supercard from Topcard (and how to maximize profits)


What is this Boon thing? I cannot find anything on the forum about it



Boon. is a “prepaid” ApplePay:

Good things about Boon. not officially announced, but so far it works like that for me:

  • 2% top-up bonus added to the account (there are some limits)
  • I use Coop Supercard (the old one) for top-ups and there is no fees for payments abroad in CHF


That’s what makes me worried. I haven’t seen any info about these 2% top-up bonus (or any other bonuses for that matter). Otherwise, I see no point paying their monthly fees which kick in after 3 months.

Also, I believe, that the old Coop Supercard has the CHF-abroad fees as well. They may just be inconsistent as to when they charge them.



The first time I received it, I contacted the support to ask about it and they said they give this 2% on top of the top-up to cover for the currency conversion if you pay abroad, cause Switzerland is not in EUR zone.
The justification doesn’t make much sense to me, but as I am able to regularly top-up Boon. with my Supercard without any fees since August 2017, and I’ve got already more than 200 CHF of bonus so the 1.50 of monthly fee is not a big deal.

They also give one time bonuses from time to time - the last one was a Halloween one --> 10% of a purchase back, max. 10 CHF. This covers your fees for 6 months.

And I can use ApplePay, which was not available to me before from other providers in Switzerland.



I don’t have iOS so can’t really use boon. But there must be a way to create an infinite money glitch out of this :slight_smile:



I just tried to sign up for Revolut using the app and my Swiss phone number. After entering my email the app tells me that Revolut isn’t available in Switzerland yet, but I’ll be notified when it is. Bizarre, no? I got the sense they were up and running in Switzerland for several years now.

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Revolut is definitely available in Switzerland - they even issue Maestro cards (additionally to Visas and MCs) here which is limited to selected few markets only.
Try to contact the support - maybe it’s some kind of a bug in their system.



Try formating your phone and reconfiguring it in Switzerland.



Is the TCS Mastercard Gold only for TCS Members or for anyone?



you have to get a membership. Together with the card it’s 132 chf per year.
Use and ‘individuelle angaben’ to find out which one Is best for you. moneyland takes cashbacks into account



I’ll give you another reason to get this card. Flights.
If you have a Mastercard, you should think about getting a Visa with this or any other Credit Card company that gives VISA. The reason is that some companies ask you as much as 26chf to pay with Mastercard instead of Visa.
I discovered it (again) yesterday when I had to book a flight. 26chf wasted.

Note: I didn’t use my revolut since the 1.5% markup I paid with my other CC is basically the cost of the insurance. If Revolut had a travel insurance I would probably use it for everythingn (apart when VISA is cheaper).
Note2: Revolut has an insurance, but it looks like a Krankenkasse insurance we all probably already have.



If you look for flights at kayak / you can choose the payment options you have and then find the best deal. If you always want the lowest price you need MC, Visa, MC debit, Visa electron and a lot more.

Btw if a someone feels like splitting the post, we could discuss mustachian ways to book a flight.:



I got the Swisscard Cashback (issued by Swisscard) this week.
I like the design – more or less black :wink:



I also applied for the new Topcard instead of my Coop credit card, but for some reason they send me two cards, one black and one golden. Does anyone know why and what’s the difference between them?



The black card is the replacement Swisscard Cashback card from Swisscard for your Supercard Plus. The golden one is the new Topcard Supercard for which you applied IN ADDITION to your existing Swisscard



I’ve seen the total of CHF 132.- for the TCS Credit Card on a few places and I don’t know where this is coming from.
The regular Membership costs 93.00 and the TCS Credit Card with Cashback costs 100.- which gives 193.00
There is right now a promotion of 10% on the membership which makes it 183.-, but next year you would be back at 193.-




Thanks a lot, ChickenFat! I didn’t know that this option exists!



Now they introduced another offering:
Amex + Visa OR Amex + MC

Amex: 1.0% Cashback (first 3 months 5%)
Visa/MC: 0.2% Cashback

Paid back yearly, no annual fee.

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I already wrote about it.

Go around a bit and check how many shops accept Amex. …